Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition 2018 through the eyes of Tatyana Pfaifer

It was my second time in Doha at Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE), which has been held annually in Qatar since 2004 in the end of February. This time I found it even more gorgeous. Every hall was adorned with a musical instrument – a piano, a harp or violins. The atmosphere was refined and splendid, which is fair enough as it is visited by sheikhs, princes and other noblemen. 

Doha is not just beautiful, everything here is impregnated with the spirit of royalty and prosperity. Qatar possesses the largest reserves of natural gas in the world, which appear to be the main source of the country’s income as well.

Despite the drop of the oil price, Qatar refused to impose VAT. The available financial reserves of this country are enough for denying the tax levy. In the meantime, United Arab Emirates, for example, introduced VAT on January 1st, 2018.

DJWE remains the most prestigious jewellery exhibition in the Arab world. The political situation hasn’t affected the sales at all, but surprisingly, has vice versa increased them. By hearsay, earlier clients could come and put an eye on a piece, but buy it in Dubai or somewhere else. Now, due to the political situation, everything was bought on the spot.

DJWE is one of a few exhibitions in the world, where art pieces can be sold in the blink of an eye. Houses of many noble people in Qatar are similar to the Louvre! They love horses and everything related to their culture and religion. Pay attention, they scarcely buy any other objects of art. Therefore all one-of-a-kind pieces, that have never been exhibited before, are brought here.

Noble clients do not like to wear jewellery, which price can be estimated. They respect, appreciate and can afford to buy true masterpieces.

Graff, Chopard, Cartier, David Morris, Moussaieff are showcased in Doha. I already mentioned that Arab jewellery market is based on pompous events, where people wear their best new gowns and jewels, and the key word is new! Well, these companies satisfy the need of Qatari clients for gorgeous gems. Here people prefer long diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and chains.

David Webb and Stenzhorn are also the regular participants of the exhibition. Customers of Arab market are fond of Van Cleef & Arples, especially watches. This year I have noticed G London, Glenn Spiro – one of the most renowned jeweler of the present time.

Boghossian company is the permanent participant of the exhibition. I admire the pieces created by Edmond Chin. This piece has just taken my breath away! Poetic luxury, impeccable craftsmanship! One of the rarest art pieces in the world!! A Masterpiece by Boghossian!

Tatyana Pfaifer wearing emerald and diamond Lotus earrings by Boghossian
Emerald and diamond Lotus earrings by Boghossian
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing emerald and diamond Lotus earrings by Boghossian

I have noticed that rings with a solitaire 3-carat diamond became more popular here. Diamonds with moderate characteristics are worn day-to-day even in Paris.

If last year in order to become a participant of DJWE a jewellery company had to agree with one of Qatari Luxury Group upon cooperation, this year we observed some independent brands. Still the majority participate at the exhibition under the patronage of principle jewellery players:

•          Al Fardan Jewellery Company;

•          Ali Bin Ali group;

•          Amiri Gems;

•          Fifty One East;

•          Al Muftah Jewellery;

•          Al Majed Jewellery;

•          Blue Salon;

•          Darwish Jewellery.

Qatari companies support jewellery brands, which participate under their aegis. They bring their family members, relatives and friends to their booths, creating a flow of serious clients.

It takes time to be acknowledged. Qataris are cautious, they examine you, but keep off. And afterwards it is just the luck of the draw!

Let me introduce you Monique Creations – diamond jewellery sellers from New York City (26 W 47th St # 602, New York, NY 10036, the USA, +1 212-997-2444). Here you are able to choose diamonds!

Tatyana Pfaifer wearing natural Fancy yellow diamond necklace and earrings by Monique Creations. Each diamond has GIA report
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing diamond set by Monique Creations

V.A.K Fine Jewels and its founder Vishal Kothari is an artist, who creates one-of-a-kind art pieces. You might remember his movable petals and Rose cut that make his jewellery so romantic and vivid. 

Stenzhorn company is focused on jewellery with invisible setting. They create extraordinary pieces with pronounced character, using unique technologies. Quality and particular emphasis on details are the codes of this company.



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