How the light has become a muse for Stenzhorn artists

We have returned from the world-renowned Baselworld 2017 exhibition, and firstly I hasten to share a unique artistic and innovative finding in gem setting, discovered by Stenzhorn. “Muse” is an inspiring name of their new collection, which combines affection for gems and worship of women.

It is worth mentioning that author’s techniques of gem setting, and the highest quality of their application, have already become the driving force of Stenzhorn company.

The author’s technique of Invisible setting, designed by Stenzhorn, is currently one of the most complicated to perform and is only applied by a few prominent artists of the world’s top jewellery companies. This technique enables to arrange several stones the way they would look as a continuous “precious canvas” – the stones are set tightly against each other, so that you cannot see any metal between them. One of the most difficult aspects of this technique application is to precisely recut every single stone, after a meticulous color selection, in order to achieve a glorious illusion of a whole piece. However, unlike other jewellery houses use invisible setting mostly in unique and classical jewels, Stenzhorn artists went so far as to design fashion jewellery collections, creating wearable and stylish pieces. 


Stenzhorn, Mademoiselle B. collection pendant and ring in gold with diamonds and sapphires 
Stenzhorn, Bee Mine collection. Ring and earrings in rose gold with rubies and white diamonds 

One of the novelties presented by Stenzhorn at this year Baselworld is called Muse, featuring an evolution of the invisible setting technique. In the center of every Muse creation, there are invisibly set compositions of baguette diamonds and precious gems, transformed into Asscher or Emerald cut forms, ranging in sizes from one up to five carats, recreating the illusion of a single stone.

On the left – Stenzhorn Muse Empress ring with diamonds; on the right – a single Emerald-cut diamond 
The Empress necklace, one of the 4 highlights of Stenzhorn Muse collection

“What is so special about precious stones, which makes your heart (skip) a beat?” I asked Klaus Stenzhorn.

If you know how rare most of the precious stones are, and you have the chance to hold one of the very special species in your hands, then you can appreciate that moment,” was his answer.

The inspiration behind Stenzhorn Muse collection came from the idea of blending classical style with fashionable trends into an innovative and modern collection to satisfy every woman's desire of generous diamond and gem sizes from their daily to their night apparel, giving a chance to touch something unique.

The name Muse is the perfect combination between the spirit of the design and the woman we always aim to represent: independent, self-confident, and passionate… with a touch of brilliance. 

We wanted to recreate the illusion not just of large diamonds, but also those kind of stones which would be rare to find in nature in those sizes. We chose to present four of them: ruby, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, and tsavorite. We like to call them “Pantoni,” shared Klaus Stenzhorn.

Pantoni Rings from Stenzhorn Muse collection with rubies, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, and tsavorites
Stenzhorn Muse Pantoni chokers with pink sapphires, and yellow sapphires 

The Lily necklace, which takes its name from Klaus Stenzhorn’s mother, is one of the 4 highlights of the collection, that comprises the biggest diamond composition.

 “Do you remember how the first jewellery was born? Who bought it?I asked Klaus Stenzhorn during our first interview. And he told me that “the first piece of jewellery we made was a set of letters with a small diamond dangling on each letter. My mother was our first customer; she bought letter L for Lily, which was her first name.

Stenzhorn Lily diamond necklace, the highlight of the Muse collection

Stenzhorn is a family business. I was lucky to meet the entire family, and I have to say it was an amazing picture. Those who are able to preserve and cherish family values, treat their customers with the same respect.

 What did you learn about gems and jewellery that really surprised you? I asked Klaus Stenzhorn. “People always remember where and why they bought their jewellery pieces, and they keep and treasure them forever,he answered.

 “We create extraordinary jewellery with strong character and unique techniques. This is something will always represent us. I learned the importance of presenting items with the best quality, and special attention to details, cause unlike shoes and clothes, jewellery could come back to you even after years, for refitting and eventual repair. We are always happy to welcome our customers, and accomplish any special request they have,” saysKlaus Stenzhorn.

A ring from Stenzhorn Muse “Pantoni” collection, in white gold with yellow sapphires and white diamonds
A choker from Stenzhorn Muse “Pantoni” collection, in white gold with yellow sapphires and white diamonds
Earrings from Stenzhorn Muse “Pantoni” collection with rubies and white diamonds
A pendant from Stenzhorn Muse “Pantoni” collection with pink sapphires, and white diamonds
Earrings from Stenzhorn Muse “Pantoni” collection with tsavorites and white diamonds
A bangle from Stenzhorn Muse collection with white diamonds
A choker from Stenzhorn Muse collection, in white gold with white diamonds


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