Jewellery Arabia 2016 with Tatyana Pfaifer and Jewellery Masterpiece

From 22nd till 26th November the most prestigious international jewellery & watches exhibition, which is called Jewellery Arabia 2016, was held in Bahrain (Manama) under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the prime minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This exhibition has been conducted annually since 1992 and appears to be an important meeting point for more than 600 jewellery companies from 30 countries and around 48 thousand visitors from the Middle Eastern countries. 

The opening ceremony of the Jewellery Arabia 2016.

Jewellery Arabia is a wonderful place for jewellery brands to demonstrate their collections and to earn love of Arabic clients. Every year the exhibition is visited by customers from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. It isn't worth mentioning that all prominent collectors are of Arabic descent, is it? Of course, you know it.

And the first thing which strikes your eye is that, unlike Baselworld, Jewellery Arabia is a place where people really buy a lot. Representatives of jewellery companies are more busy with sales than with presentations or media handling! 

The rent costs about 500$ for m2.

So, what do people buy?

Arabic women like classical diamond rings, long diamond chains, which are very popular in the Arab world, classical diamond necklaces and oriental necklaces. They often take the jewels home to try them on, possibly bringing the jewellery back next day if the pieces didn't fit or they found something more interesting. It is a usual practice in the Arab world. It happens not only in exhibitions, but at private sales as well. The clients take the jewels away for a while, and then just buy them or not.

Arabic customers come up to a mount with such words, “Give me the final price! I don't want the first price, I need the last!” Discounts make them happy, very deep discounts, by the way. And the last remark: only Arabs are the best sellers for Arabs!

Who sells?

The participants of the Jewellery Arabia exhibition, as well as the jewellery market in whole, splits into those who produce commercial line, and those who strive for uniqueness and exclusiveness. The latter are in minority, so they face some difficulties.

According to Jewellery Masterpiece, the best and most exclusive pieces at Jewellery Arabia were showcased by Swiss jewellery house Boghossian, Faberge, VAK Fine Jewels and David Morris.

We also met our old acquaintances, such as Italian brand Paolo Piovan, Swiss brand Mariya Kovadi, Amwaj, Bijan &Co, Butani, Goldesign Brazilian Jewellery, Christina Debs Fine Jewelry.

Amwaj necklace with diamonds, presented at Jewellery Arabia 2016
Butani necklace with diamonds and rubies, presented at Jewellery Arabia 2016
Mariya Kovadi Fine Jewellery “Tell me”rings with diamonds and emeralds, presented at Jewellery Arabia 2016

Our team got to know Devji Aurum, Kamyen, Indian brand Gems & Jewels Palace, French brand Davidor.

So, let's find out more about some of these jewellery brands, and take a look at their gorgeous pieces, demonstrated at Jewellery Arabia 2016.

Devji Aurum is a well-known jewellery brand in Bahrain, founded by Devji Ramji Sagar in the 1950s. Honesty, dedication, innovative development and humanity are the key values of this company. Devji Ramji Sagar has a strong belief that “simple living – high thinking”, a philosophy, which is reflected in his philanthropic and charity work.

I was lucky to try on Devji Aurum jewels, that you will be able to see below. So, what can I tell you? These jewellery are beaming with passion, creativity and oriental spirit, which is not a surprise. Moreover, they are saturated with romance. There is so much love in Devji Aurum jewellery. Almost every video, that we shot, was somehow connected to romantic relationships between a man and a woman. 

Indian brand  Kamyen Jewellery was founded in 2010. It works by appointment only. The company has its offices in Mumbai, Dubai, Antwerp, London and Qatar, offering a perfect service from jewellery production till its delivery to the clients. It's worth saying that Kamyen is particularly a jewellery manufacturer, therefore the prices can often make you feel delighted! The orders are implemented in high-tech workshops in India, as well as in Geneva and Italy. The driving force of the brand is a young and very beautiful lady Pooja, that's why the Kamyen jewellery is a mix of classic and modern design. You can find classical diamond necklaces along with some cool designer ideas.

Gems & Jewels Palace  is a family business. This Indian brand specializes in classical Indian jewellery. India is a treasure house of gem fields and rich traditions of jewellery art. Gold and enamel handling, stone carving, various gem cutting and setting techniques were handed down by local masters from generation to generation. Consequently, while putting on jewellery from Jems & Jewels Palace, you feel the love and respect for traditions in every single piece. 

V.A.K Fine Jewels brand, founded by Vishal Kothari, demonstrated its exclusive jewellery line at Jewellery Arabia 2016. He creates 50-70 designer jewels per year in his workshop in Mumbai together with around 30 jewellers. “...I'm an artist in my heart. I have always loved creating. I don't like ordinary things, clothes, for example. I am in constant pursuit of uniqueness. I feel the same while crafting my jewellery. I want to convey this feeling to people, so that when they put on my jewels, they make sure that nobody in the world wears the same piece. Moreover, while creating, I put my soul into every piece. I want to make wearable art,” Vishal confessed to me recently.

So, now let's enjoy these one-of-a-kind, romantic, lively and womanly jewellery of high quality from V.A.K Fine Jewels. And here you can read his interview with Tatyana Pfaifer and Jewellery Masterpiece magazine.

Our next stop is the international jewellery exhibition 2017 in Doha (Qatar), which is going to be held from 19th till 25th February (Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition 2017).



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