Jewellery Salon 2017 – a photo report and observations

Jewellery Salon 2017, that takes place in Saudi Arabia, particularly in Riyadh and Jeddah cities, is rather young – it has been held only for the last six years. However, speaking of potential customers’ attraction, it is strategically important event for jewellers. Some of the most prominent clients, who are ready to pay millions for jewellery, come exactly from Saudi Arabia, like, for example, members of the royal family and others.

This year Jewellery Salon ran in Jeddah from 1st to 4th May in Hilton Hotel, as well as from 8th to 11th May in Al Faisaliah Hotel in Riyadh. It was open for visitors from 4 p.m. till 11 p.m.

I was kindly invited to visit Jewellery Salon 2017 in Riyadh. Of course, it is a new and unique experience for me, which I highly appreciate. Now I can share it with you.

One of the most specific features of this exhibition is that, unlike Qatari and Bahraini events, you are forbidden to sell. You can take orders, but the jewellery must be exported out of the country and only then you will deliver them to the customers from your offices. The managers say that the reason for such situation lies in the absence of custom import clearance system of exhibition goods in Saudi Arabia. As far as all exhibitory events is a new business direction for the country, they failed to prepare for new economic conditions. Everybody hopes this situation is going to change soon, as for the last years Saudi Arabia has already faced some transformations. The country is opening gradually its borders for new types of business. People say that it occurs due to the drop of prices for oil and forthcoming of younger executives – their aim is to look for new ways of budget replenishment, as well as to support economic development. Nevertheless, the main power remains in the same hands, but the rules got a light shade of novelty.

The second feature is that jewellers have to participate both in Riyadh and in Jeddah, which, as you might understand, requires additional expenses.  The average price for m2 of exhibitory space doesn’t really differ from other exhibitions, but, as far as you take part in both cities, you should double your costs. 

All women have to wear abaya. It’s not a scary, but even interesting experience for a couple of days. I should also mention that life in this country is quite boring – you might guess that there are no entertaining activities.

HH Prince Abdullah Bin Saud Bin Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has opened Jewellery Salon 2017 in Riyadh.

This year the following foreign companies participated in the exhibition: George Hakim, Hanna Freres, Kooheji, Monique Creations, Nsouli, Renee, Suzanne Kalan, Voyageur, AlZain, Boghossian, Charles Oudin, Chatila, Moussaieff, Samer Halimeh, Veschetti and Jahan Geneve.

 “A woman is like music – you can love her even without enough understanding,” that’s what I’d like to say while wearing heart-stopping rubies by Chatila. Aristocracy, sophistication, unique gemstones, and a kind of literary restraint – the words that express my feelings to Chatila parure.
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Chatila jewellery with rubies and diamonds 
Chatila ring with Paraiba tourmaline, weighing 13.50 carats, emeralds of 1.11 carats and diamonds of 3.08 carats 
Moussaieff jewellery house is a fearless passion for jewellery. These pieces are saturated with a spirit of artistic freedom, special power and slight haughtiness – the queen should always behave as a queen! 
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Moussaieff jewellery 
Moussaieff Flower brooch with rubies and yellow diamonds 
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing diamonds by Moussaieff

Boghossian jewellery house is a lively, boundless and meaningful ingenuity. Experiments and artistic spirit are aimed for freedom-minded and connoisseurs of unique jewellery design.  

Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Boghossian important ruby and diamond necklace 
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Boghossian jewellery

Jahan Geneve is about love, sensuality, large gemstones and kindness. Or, maybe, I just have fallen in love with this emerald set? 

Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Jahan Geneve jewellery with emeralds and diamonds 
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Jahan Geneve emeralds  

Below you’ll find a bit of adventurism by Samer Halimeh 

Tatyana Pfaifer wearing diamonds by Samer Halimeh

Veschetti company has presented a unique Marina B, 1980 necklace with Colombian emeralds of 62.01 carats and diamonds of 61 carats. 

Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Marina B, 1980 necklace with Colombian emeralds of 62.01 carats and diamonds of 61 carats, presented by Veschetti company 

Local companies were represented by Al Tayyar Jewelry, Ashy Diamonds, Charmaleena, Jade, Lapis, M. Fitaihi, Masat AlFares, Mon Diamante, Mysha, Poinciana and Yataghan. 

Tatyana Pfaifer wearing jewellery with emeralds by AlFares 
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing emeralds by AlFares 
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Al Zain jewellery 
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Poinciana jewellery 
Tatyana Pfaifer and the owner of Lapis Jewellery at Jewellery Salon 2017 

I have to say that young designers always stand out – their eyes glow with enthusiasm so that you have nothing but to follow their light. When people ask me something like “can I become a designer?” or “do you like what I’m doing?”, I always answer that “of course, everyone, who has something to say to this world, can become a designer. Creativity is a movement of a soul and a path to our true selves. In a certain sense we are unknown to ourselves and are looking for our genuine nature through creativity.”

Meet young designers, presented at Jewellery Salon 2017: Sara Wahab, AFJ, Vos Diamants, AJ Jewelry, Muse Rawan, Dalal, Bee Jewelry and Haneen Saber Jewellery.

Here Hajar Alghamdi is showing me his sketches. You cannot see the most beautiful girl, as all girls in Saudi Arabia wear abaya with their heads and faces covered, therefore I am the only lady on these photos)) 
Tatyana Pfaifer is studying the sketches and the jewellery by Hajar Alghamdi
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Hajar Alghamdi jewellery 
Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Heba Alhumaidan jewellery





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