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A unique design enabling to read the time secretly

 L?onard de Vinci


Alessio Boschi is a great artist of the modern world. He is incredibly gifted, and every meeting with this man makes you fall in love with him again and again. Although you have already seen most of his creations, and it is probably hard to surprise you, still his creativeness, romance and passion continue astonishing your imagination.

When I asked him what could be in his life except jewellery, he said, “Nothing, but jewellery!” You will rarely hear such an answer, as most artists name fashion, sculpture or architecture... It is hard to be so devoted, no matter if it is a person or your work. It is costly for your soul, but will be fully rewarded in life.

In romantic relationships he values sensuality and likes to spend time together, doing everything that just comes to mind.

His favorite dish is lasagna.

Alessio is from Rome, but has been living in Bangkok for a long time.

He would like to meet Van Gogh just to be nearby and discover how the latter was living through all his ups and downs.

He sees success as the ability to continue creating beyond the boundaries or limitations and amaze people with his art.

He is a self-made man, and his sister, as well as all the nearest and dearest are always next to him, paving together an artistic path.  But as every “yes” needs to be repeated and every “why” has its “because”, Art must have patrons...

Though awards are just a small reflection of Alessio's artistic gift, I would like to enumerate them for those who care. In 2003 Alessio Boschi entered the Guinness Book of Records for designing a picture that was carved on the biggest sapphire in the world – Millennium Sapphire. In 2009 he won a prize “The world's best designer of Italian jewellery” in London, as well as Veranda Art Of Design as the world's best jewellery designer in 2010 in New York. In 2013 he became the winner of The Centurion Jewelry Design Awards in Arizona, the USA, and in March 2015 he took a prize for the best design at International Jewellery Design Excellence exhibition (IJDE).

His every jewel is a story with main characters and scenery. Each story is lived through and only then transferred into gold, diamonds and precious stones. Every creation is saturated with passion and enthusiasm, which people need today and tomorrow to overcome all their troubles. In this sense, we can say that “beauty and enthusiasm will save the world.”

“There is a difference between the product and the creation. I want to make creations. Most of all I’d like to lead you to a precious journey. I want ladies to take my jewels, to smile, to discover things, to find hidden surprises and to know where they come from. Jewellery is about a dream. We sell emotions, and this is the most important part of my work. I want to achieve beauty and feelings more than price. That’s my own lifetime journey..,”says Alessio Boschi.

– Last year I made a great journey around Italy, so I decided to use some of the most famous historical sights of this country to send you to an imaginative trip across Venice, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Verona, and Rome.

So people don’t need to travel anymore. They can travel through your pieces, am I right?

– No, they still need to travel! (Both laughing.)

Well, if you have never been to Italy, or even if you have, but would be delighted to visit it again, I am inviting you to take a beautiful and passionate journey together with Alessio Boschi. Through some details of his jewellery you will discover a lot of historical facts and legends. I promise, their quantity and precision will absolutely surprise you!

So, let’s start our journey and swim with a White shark.


White shark brooch-pendant

Alessio Boschi White shark brooch in palladium and rose gold set with diamonds, Keshi pearls, tourmalines and aquamarines


– Everything started over one year ago, when I purchased this beautiful Australian South sea silver blue Keshi, which to me was really a face of a shark. When I saw it, I thought, “Oh my God, it’s a head of a shark!”

You have the same noses! (both laughing.)

– And then I thought, “Okay, now I want to make a shark, a very large shark.” But I didn’t have enough pearls in order to finish it. So I had to wait two more harvest of the South Sea Keshi, because I needed to choose pearls that will look exactly like all the fins of the shark.The brooch and the earrings are made of palladium, which is rather new metal used for jewellery. It is difficult to work with, but it’s 40% lighter than gold.

I embellished the brooch with blue greenish stones – indigo light tourmalines, mixed with Santa Maria aquamarines, and some diamonds in the middle. The thing is, when I did this, the color started to be alive. Then I cut the stones a little bit on the edges to set them closer. So it’s not just the normal setting. I polished the edges of some stones, and that’s why you have this effect.

The sketches and the model of Alessio Boschi White shark brooch 


And the eyes?

– The eyes are pink sapphires. And if you turn the brooch, you can see the ajour stomach made of rose gold. You can open it and put the earrings inside the brooch. 

Alessio Boschi White shark brooch in palladium and rose gold set with diamonds, Keshi pearls, tourmalines and aquamarines


Why do you like create things with hidden surprises?

– Because this is how I feel, you know.

Look, the earrings also have a shark head, and the chains set with Akoya are hanging from it. You can take off the head, and the earrings will look more casual. The clip is also a little shark. Details are an important part of our work. You can remove the chains and put on the shark, so you’ll have a 3D effect of the brooch. It can also be worn as a pendant. Multifunctional jewels is a modern tendency in jewellery art.    

What is interesting about this brooch is that I want to use it for a campaign against the hunting on white sharks, because today they start to be in danger due to the fishing. The Chinese use their fins for the white shark soup: they take the sharks, cut their fins and then throw them back into the water. These animals are slowly dying with a very painful death. So I decided to use this brooch to contact WWF or Greenpeace.

And now let’s talk about love, or, rather, the most romantic love story in the world. In our next article we’re moving to Verona.

Alessio Boschi
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