Sybarite – little miracles that combine beauty with fine engineering or Simply "My Ballerina"

You are in the mood for a dance
And when you get the chance…
You are the Dancing Queen,
Young and sweet
"Dancing Queen"

What does love begin with? Butterflies in the stomach or glint in the eyes? Or, perhaps,… the desire to spend every minute together?

You may ask me: “What is the point of all these questions in an article on jewelry?” For me, everything I describe here in my article is about love. Love for family and work, love for the beauty and love for people - is the love encoded in jewellery and hidden in details.

I call her “my beloved ballerina”. And now it is time for me to unveil the person who created her the “way she is”.

Meet Margarita Prykhodko, the founder of the Sybarite brand. Margarita is a gorgeous woman and the creator of “my beloved” ballerina. She is sensual and receptive to the flows of the universe. But Margarita also has impressive technical skills - she can design complicated and beautiful jewelry of 101 pieces (as in the “Merry-go-Round” ring), and she can disassemble and assemble a car! This is a woman who can appreciate both the miracles of beauty and the complexities of engineering.

Margarita Prykhodko, the founder of the Sybarite brand

“I planted the love of ballet in my heart when I was a child. Then I was sure all my future would be associated with ballet. A friend of my mother was a ballerina and she strengthened this impression, as she printed on my memory as the most beautiful woman in the world; I was sure there was nothing more beautiful than ballet. By the age of 5, I changed my mind and decided to become an artist. I have adhered to this decision till now”, - it is the beginning of the story of future architect and famous jewellery designer Margarita Prykhodko

Ballerina ring by Sybarite in white and yellow gold with diamonds

Margarita received a degree in engineering, finished Art School and was involved in architecture for many years. Then five years ago, as a famous architect and the owner of a construction engineering company, Margarita changed her life and turned instead to the creation of unique jewellery. This year, Margarita’s birthday on 25 March, 2016 marks 5 years since her start of her career in jewelry design and creation.

How it happened?

“For one year, I just kept an eye on how we can manage “ourselves”. Actually, the world is full of beautiful things, especially, the world of jewellery. I wanted to put into life the ideas and the feelings of my own, not “taken from somewhere else”; everyone knows that ideas are thick in the air. My first customers, a wedded pair from Hong Kong, dispelled my doubts. I had made a wish that my first customer should be a man, as jewellery is mostly for gifts, which men usually give on pleasant occasions or being in affection. But it was a family, not a man; and it was like a Chinese reflection of our family. A married couple of the same age and the same disparity of years. The man’s attitude towards his wife was similar to my husband’s attitude to me- reverent and without denials. They came to buy a ring, which was going to be his present for their 25th wedding anniversary. We engraved their names on the ring. Suddenly she looked at the doll and was at loss, as she wanted the one and the other… “Let’s take both”, - he told her.

I suddenly realized that there were people somewhere on the other continent who had the same view of the world…It was such a pleasure…They came again in one year with their relatives. Since then they come every year, more and more of them.

Those wonderful people made me understand there was someone who felt the way I did. You do not have to wonder if someone likes or dislikes your art. If you like it, there are fellow souls that will like it the way you do. The visit of that couple gave me a sort of freedom…in my creative work.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite in white and yellow gold with diamonds

What was first, the idea or the technology?Or, perhaps, you were aware of the possibility to spin, pirouetting?

First, I had the idea and understanding that a dance cannot be static. Then I thought that a figure might look too odd, as women normally dislike when their jewellery cling to something. However, my doubts receded when I was moving to another house and I did not notice that “Ballerina” was on my finger. Besides, as soon as I am an architect and an engineer, I know that ergonomics, not the weight of jewellery is of primary importance. Calculations should be made beforehand. In my case, parameters initiate design criteria. We know there are many beautiful pieces, which are hardly wearable and are designed mostly for collectors. But we would like them to be wearable and matching jeans along with ball dresses. We would like not to bother about a ring on our way somewhere.

What are the troll and the soldier that you have in your showcase?

Those are heroes of The Steadfast Tin Soldier tale by Hans Christian Andersen. As it is known, Hans Christian Andersen was of amorous disposition. He fell in love with women who stirred his imagination. One of them was a ballet dancer of the local theater. He could not tell her of his feelings, as he considered he was not worthy of her. He was just a poor penman, and she was prima ballerina! She married a baker, but the feelings of Hans Christian Andersen were so strong that he expounded them in his tale. He depicted the baker as a wicked troll that mocked at the feelings of the tin soldier, who wordlessly loved the dancer.

Jack in the Box pendant by Sybarite in white and yellow gold with diamonds

When night came, the tin soldier looked at the beautiful dancer. “She, too, was cut out of paper, but she wore a dress of the lightest gauze, with a dainty little blue ribbon over her shoulders, by way of a scarf, set off by a brilliant spangle…one of her legs was raised so high into the air that the tin soldier could see absolutely nothing of it, and supposed that she, like himself, had but one leg”, - Hans Christian Andersen writes in his tale The Steadfast Tin Soldier. And the soldier saw a fellow soul in the little dancer, she stood as stiff in her dance as he stood on his service: “That would be the very wife for me!” he thought; “but she is much too grand; she lives in a palace, while I only have a box”.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite in white and yellow gold with diamonds and

And here she is, the beautiful ballerina. And if you look very carefully through a magnifying glass, you will see the brilliant brooch on her chest. Remember? Margarita Pryhodko, is a person of details.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite in white and yellow gold with diamonds

“It took me quite a time to create the face of the Jack in the Box; I could not find the image to fit. Then I realized I loved Jean Reno so much- why not take him as the prototype”.

Jack in the Box pendant by Sybarite in white and yellow gold with diamonds

“I also disagree that the main aggrieved person in the tale is the soldier, because the goblin loves the dancer too, and he has affection to her, perhaps, he dislikes that a brave soldier looks at his beauty”- Margarita laughs.

Tin Soldier pendant by Sybarite in white and yellow gold with diamonds

And the Kaleidoscope?! It is a miracle, which, unfortunately, is difficult to capture, but it is real, mosaic is laid in it like in children’s toys! “I saw it, there is a kaleidoscope, like in my childhood!!!”- I laughed happily and emotionally. “We all come from childhood, the fact that we grow up does not change anything at all. All of us still need a piece of some small and big joy”- Margarita laughs at me.

Kaleidoscope ring by Sybarite in yellow gold with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds

It is impossible to create such things without having a degree in architecture, is it?

I do not know.

When people ask me if I am afraid that someone can make a copy of my creations, I answer: “ The person who makes a jewellery out of 101 piece endures to the full extent, you cannot call it a copy”

What was the most difficult part in creating the Ballerina ring?

“I simply take the stone and polish off everything unnecessary…” – I have always liked that quote. It was, indeed, rather tricky to engineer a spinning mechanism of the Dancing Doll so that the movement was not excessively fast to one’s annoyance, and not too slow to simply be boring…

What would you like people to talk of your jewellery?

I would like them to talk of it…

Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning and find you have a new skill or talent. What would you like it to be?

A new talent? I would like my material body to be capable of working 48 hours a day…Well, at least I would like to outstretch the time.

What do you like about love?

About love, I like to love. I like to give, to care. How wonderful it is to be born in right family. Everyone around me was admirable, my grandmas, my aunts….

I love my family more than my profession, the talent of being a woman, say, is more than the talent of an artist.

Who is the one among the entire world that you would prefer to invite for dinner?

It would be Spanish engineer Santiago Calatrava Valls, who is an architect and a sculptor. He is a genius of our time. In my opinion, his works are the greatest, nobody can compete.

What would you tell him or ask him about?

I would listen dumbly. To learn you do not have to ask, it is enough to be present.

Tatyana Pfaifer, the founder of Jewellery Masterpiece, wearing Ballerina ring by Sybarite 


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