Emerald House of Jaipur

 You know, there is a spirit that connects people,

when they are bound with their soul and heart.

It empowers you with motivation and

responsibility to strive for better.


Jaipur is a breathtaking city with history! Fast passing buses overrun slow cows, laidback rickshaws brake the move of bikers. Alongside with all this fuss gorgeous palaces of Jaipur’s past remind isolated islands of moderate piece and slow-paced life. Maharajahs’ residence has been the biggest center of the art of gem carving and cutting, and Jaipur knows everything about the power of precious stones.

– Do you believe that jewelry could be talismans and possess certain energy?

– Every person is connected with the Sun, and when he is not receiving pure energy from it, he feels it. God has created this world and given the power to the gemstones. There are nine planets related to nine gemstones: pearl (the Moon), emerald (Mercury), ruby (the Sun), diamond (Venus), red coral (Mars), blue sapphire (Saturn), yellow sapphire (Jupiter), hessonite (Rahu), and cat’s-eye (Ketu). In Hindi they are called “Navaratna.”

So what is jewelry? It’s a stone, worn in a form of a ring, a pendant, and so on.

– So interesting!

– Life needs color. There is no life without color. If you can understand which color will give you more energy, and bring positive vibrations into your life, then, by using that specific color, you will receive the above-mentioned benefits. Why? Because colors cannot be made by humans. Only God is able to create such things. Therefore, our aim is just to do the research of these phenomena.

– Do you believe that jewelry makers imprint their energy into pieces they create, and it is not always positive?

– I believe so. Sometimes you will wear earrings, which would make you feel heavy. Why? Maybe the creator of those earrings felt displeased and while making them, he put this energy into his work. As a result, a person wearing that jewelry will not be happy. I have another example. A master was cutting a stone, and he wanted to do this work for god’s glory. So he asked God to bless him with positive energy to complete the piece. He was cutting a rough that supposed to cost approximately 100,000 euros. Eventually, by the grace of God he was able to cut a piece out of it that was worth 1 million euros! That’s the positive energy given by God, and all of us can own it.

 I would like to invite you to the jewelry space in Jaipur, where the magic of stones and modernreality have met – the boutique of original jewelry Emerald House of Jaipur, founded in 2011 by Sanjay Khandelwal. I spoke to his brother Shikhar Khandelwal, who told me the most interesting facts from the story of success of their family business. 

– I joined the family business several years ago. My father and my brother have been in this trade since 1970. They supplied antique pieces and gems to many celebrities. Would you like to see some gorgeous pieces?

– Of course!

– This is a perfume bottle, created by my father around 30 years ago. It is made of 24k gold (more than 100g), embellished with natural Burmese rubies, Zambian emeralds, and Polki diamonds. These bottles are specially made for Saudi and Middle Eastern clientele for keeping the scent that contains special essence called “Oud”. I should say Oud is worth more than gold.

My father said it took him along with other jewelers almost nine months to create it. Have a look at the ruby cuts on the neck. It has perfectly set pencil-shaped rubies, so during the creation of this bottle, artisans have wasted a lot of gems to get the exact shape.

“Beautiful women are preparing for the feast of pleasure. They smear the body and chests with yellow sandal powder and soak the hair with the smoke of smoldering oud”, I remembered the lines of Kalidasa – a well-known Sanskrit writer.

And here is the container for tobacco. It contains more than 60 grams of gold, set with Rose cut diamonds. The most interesting thing about such pieces is that the image has a perfect mirror reflection. So, we use one part to keep the raw tobacco, while the other part is for prepared one.

– Why have you decided to open your own boutique?

– This is a very interesting story. Once my brother Sanjay heard the conversation of a Russian man, who was talking by phone. My brother doesn’t speak Russian but he was able to understand some jewelry terminology like diamond or carat. Then he found out that the Russian man, whose name was Peter, was looking for a GIA certified DIF diamond of 5.555-carat weight. He wanted a particular carat number of 5.555, because his astrologer advised him to do so. Sanjay approached Peter and assured him that he could find and show him the exact stone. Peter doubted but said that he would be staying in India for another 5 days, so my brother could try. Three days later, Sanjay found the diamond of 5.55 carats. However, when he met the client, he refused to buy it because it was not triple 5, as he wanted. Only 6 months later, my brother found such diamond and sold it to another client. And that’s how he got into the jewelry trade.

– Who creates designs for your jewelry?

– My brother Sanjay creates designs for most pieces with my help. We have our own manufactory with 20 artisans working for us.

– What are your plans for the future?

– I want to show the world what we do and what we can offer. I’d like to create more wonderful pieces in upcoming years.

– Who are your main clients now?

– Majority of my clients come from India. We also have some customers from the USA, the UK, France, and Portugal.

– Do you like art?

– I prefer art of the Mogul era. It is so magnetic, all these combinations of colors, enameling, gems.

– I know this era is very popular among collectors and people who study art. To your mind, why is it so?

– It’s all about the rarity of gemstones and the quality of craftsmanship. Maharajahs collected large gems, their ideas were far ahead of their time. Meanwhile, Indian artisans were famous for cutting and carving the stones. Their art lied in the making of even the smallest piece look exceptionally beautiful and perfect. Artisans always served to certain royal families, so the secrets of art could not travel outside the family. Artisans died, taking their abilities and skills with them. It’s barely possible to recreate any piece of that era. Nowadays we don’t have artisans with such skills.

– If you could meet anyone in the world who had ever lived, who would that be?

– I would love to meet the king of Jaipur to witness his wisdom and persistence in work. He possessed amazing scientific knowledge and built an observatory in Jaipur.

– What would you ask him?

– I would ask him how he came up with an idea to create such a beautiful city like Jaipur. I would also like to know who his artisans were.

– Do you believe that jewelry has energy?

– Of course! It possesses your traditions, style, and self-expression.

– Do you remember any pieces of advice that your father has given to you?

– My father told me once, “Luck is always with you. However, it won’t do two things instead of you: hard work and persistence.”

– Even though you are still young, being only 27 years old, is there a piece of advice you would give yourself when you were 18?

– I wish I could be more focused!

– Why? 18 is time to have fun.

– Because I have seen people of my age being more successful than me.

– Is there a person who has changed your life?

– My wife. I have just been blessed with a baby boy.

– How did they change your life?

– You know, there is a spirit that connects people, when they are bound with their soul and heart. It empowers you with motivation and responsibility to strive for better.


Emerald House of Jaipur
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