Love hidden in details by Margarita Prykhodko and her brand Sybarite

“Everyone needs attention, be it a woman, a child or a man.
As both love and friendship begin with attention.”
Margarita Prykhodko,
the founder of Sybarite

You know, extraordinary women are often the subject of my articles. It is not easy to discover their thoughts and learn their nature at first try. Thus, let us proceed with the fascinating introduction into the world of Margarita Prykhodko, the founder of the Sybarite jewellery brand. Those who read my first article about Margarita will surely remember she is a woman who appreciates both the miracles of beauty and the complexities of engineering. She loves details.

When asked about the nature of love she responded:

“You know, I had a period in my life when I was totally plunged into philosophic meditation. I started from the question: What does a woman need?

Everyone needs attention, be it a woman, a child or a man - as both love and friendship begin with attention. 

This article will tell you about the love encoded in jewellery and hidden in details. Meet “Waltz of the Flowers", a new collection of beautiful ballerinas by Margarita Prykhodko.

The new collection was inspired by “Waltz of the Flowers” from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's ballet “The Nutcracker”. The collection is a set of four rings, which depict the different roles of a woman throughout her life and Margarita gave the following names to her dancers: Violet, Poppy, Orchid and Pansy.


Ballerina ring by Sybarite from “Waltz of the Flowers" collection

Now, prepare yourselves! I guess I will spring a surprise on you with some of the stories!

Margarita tells:

All of us fancy ourselves as different characters. At the age of 18 we are romantic and totally engrossed in our dreams. We enter this life and look at the world with saucer eyes. Orchid is a princess on a feather bed, a prima ballerina. With her presumptuous posture, we can see that he is aware of her worth and conducts herself accordingly.

Lilly is a hot-blooded woman in the heat of passion, open to the world.

As for Pansy, the flower has another very beautiful name – “Kiss-me-quick”. And Pansies have also traditionally been given by lovers and parents as tokens of protection to guard against negative influence.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite from “Waltz of the Flowers" collection

– Why Kiss-me-quick of all others?

– The central part of the beautiful Pansy ring reminds me of an all-seeing deity. It depicts a sort of an eye against hoodoo. The petals of the upper part converge into a triangle, with velvet cilia of small briolettes that encase the ballerina’s waist - they are also against hoodoo.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite from “Waltz of the Flowers" collection

And under the left petal of the flower, using the reflection of a mirror you can see a ladybird of black diamonds to attract luck.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite from “Waltz of the Flowers" collection

Every jewellery piece has a pin that looks like a kind of stem with a coin. This idea is borrowed from Chinese coins and the Chinese custom, that if you find your plan for the day becomes unstuck, then by turning the coin about, you can turn your luck around and improve your day.

Coins are also technically convenient for writing initials on them. However, such orders are not so frequent, so we write “With love” on the coin.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite from “Waltz of the Flowers" collection

“Oh, I haven’t noticed it!”

“There are still more things you haven’t noticed?” Margarita said mysteriously.

On each petal that forms the ballerinas skirt, there are letters! And those letters form an inspirational word. For example, 5 petals spell out the word h-a-p-p-y. The number of petals may suggest the ciphered words to you! In this collection, those special messages are Love, Happy, Lucky or Graceful. Of course, nobody will ever see the inscription unless the ring is dismantled, but the message is conveyed almost at the level of genetic code. Such nuances make the appeal!

The following story from Margarita’s life amazed me above all things. Do you know many people who are so sincere to themselves? It is so often that we feel it easier to say: "Ok, forget it, nothing will happen”….and you are compromising with your conscience.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite from “Waltz of the Flowers" collection

Here is the story Margarita told me:

– Mainly, I design and do the 3D modelling myself, but I have a team to assist me. I always carefully select personnel. Everyone has a life journey of his own, like a star crossing the sky. So, you want the same stars to surround you on your journey.

Once I saw an article in the Internet, which I found interesting for me. Here is the quotation: “People should be afraid of 3D designers, as they may encode messages to unfavorably influence your life.” My God, I thought to myself, what kind of person could it be…I started to search in the Internet. I was petrified with horror when I found out the person was one of our team, recently employed. It made my hair stand. I, surely, dismissed the person. It was such a shock for me that I was dumbly lying in my bed for 3 days. As my husband would say, he could not manage to get used to my uncommon decisions for so many years of our life together.

I gathered all designs and items made with the involvement of the person and destroyed them, remelted them. I even did not recycle the gold.

Perhaps, someone may call it mysticism, playing safe by a woman, a bee in my head, but I do not want to subject people to risk…I am convinced that a human thought is substantial. I believe in the Subtle World and the energy. I think the result directly depends on “such amazing people” who make our jewellery.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite from “Waltz of the Flowers" collection

– Is it the matter of your responsibility before the people?

– You may call it so… Yes, I deliberately bear this responsibility…

– If you had to choose between professionalism and the energy you put into jewellery, what would be your choice?

“My family” Margarita laughs.

– It took 689 sketches to develop the beautiful Violet ring inspired by “The Waltz of the Flowers”. I doubted that the ballerina’s skirt was streamy enough, that it fluttered properly.The earrings to match the ring is another story.

At first, I thought there would be birds and we completed the design. Then I got to understand the birds could be created by Van Cleef & Arpels, for instance. What is mine in them? Then I decided there would be butterflies… But they formed a separate collection then. At the end of the day I finally got to understand that plain round earrings would show the advantage. They do not divert attention from the ring.

– Which jewellers/artists do you admire most?

– Artists - Vrubel, Serebryakova.

Jewellers – Jar, Van Cleef, Theo Fennel

– When do you understand the piece is completed and the job is finished?

– It is difficult to make a full stop. It is extremely difficult to eliminate all unnecessary things. Difficult to understand what is yours and where the reflection of other people’s ideas is. All designers are in search of something and what they find often belongs to others.

It took me 6 months to create the four rings of “The Waltz of the Flowers” collection.

When nothing disturbs you anymore, and there is nothing you want to add or remove, you are through with the item.

You know, what was the most difficult? Sapphire glass became the stumbling point. Each ring has a mirrored sapphire glass, where you can see the reflection of the ladybird under the flower. It was indeed quite challenging to engineer the movement of the ring perfectly, so the ladybird can be seen while the ring gently spins on your finger.

As it appeared, there were no producers of the glass and we had to fight a battle for it. We had to employ chemists who created the material using ancient technological process. It took them one month.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite from “Waltz of the Flowers" collection

– What pieces of jewellery do you give preference to?

– The piece of jewellery of preference is the ring. Possibly because, unlike the rings, too elaborately designed earrings would take the attention away from the face. It is also very difficult to design project the earrings not to take the attention from the beauty of one’s face, but to accentuate it. I don’t like wearing necklaces – I feel, it to be psychologically restrictive.

But rings – you can be most creative in designing one! I believe also that wearing a ring on your finger channels the energies in the right direction. I also prefer to wear the rings on the middle finger – it’s the finger describing creative side of your brain.

Ballerina ring by Sybarite from “Waltz of the Flowers" collection




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