Theodoros – real jewellery in unreal world

Flying alone high up in the sky, over the vast seas, over the vast stretches of land;
in total freedom, in complete awe, in absolute happiness.
Theodoros Savopoulos

I was listening to our conversation recorded at Baselword 2016 exhibition and was smiling all the fifteen minutes. As it turns out, Theodoros was constantly joking or turning almost every question of mine into a joke, so we were laughing all along.

Have you ever wondered what the sense of humor is? I peeked into "Wikipedia”, it says that the sense of humor is a psychological feature of a person that consists in detecting contradictions of the world around us and evaluating them from comic perspective. I read it and I was surprised: Well, yes, there he is, Theodoros himself! Combining sparkling mind with a magical inner world and sensitive heart ... However, only where it is allowed to be sensitive, - in his creative work.

Gems are his love and passion. Jewellers are divided into those who search and find the best gems, and others. Theodoros deals with Burmese rubies, Colombian emeralds and perfect diamonds. He creates designs, and six jewellers put his ideas into life in a Greek atelier…

Theodoros ring with Colombian emerald and diamonds

His ring with a flawless 7.05 carat diamond that was found at renowned Golconda mine is about sensuousness. The flawless diamond in the ring forms an association of a tear in me, perhaps, because of its flawlessness. You know, tears may not only be caused by grief, happiness may be the reason as well. The ring is about intimacy, about tenderness…About the intimate feelings not to be revealed to anyone, about the innermost. About wedding and marriage. It is the best ring for marriage. Being a handmade, it will definitely keep your feelings. An absolutely flawless diamond…What can be better than a flawless diamond? A flawless diamond only. Please, do not forget that diamonds of 5 carat and more are good as an investment.

A flawless 7.05 carat Golconda diamond ring by Theodoros

Unique jewellery by Theodoros is an alliance of innovative design and emotional urge. Everyone who got to see his jewellery was thrilled with it! Some were thrilled with the craftsmanship and gems selection, the other- with the design or just with the idea.

So, here it is. Eros bracelet. Eros is the god of love, the son of Aphrodite. How could Theodoros, born in Greece, the home of gods, not create some of their competencies! Remember the "spin the bottle" game? So, here you have the precious implementation of it.

Theodoros bracelet with Burmese rubies and diamonds

His jewellery are like answers to his questions about essence, mysticism and the riddles of the universe. About what love and hate, strength, infirmity and the deepest human feelings are.

Theodoros Ivy Ring in enameled white gold with a 9carat diamond and tsavorites
Theodoros ring with natural fancy coloured diamonds

His freedom of learning the world allows him to create jewellery on the edge of two worlds - "real and unreal, spiritual and material".

Theodoros jewellery

“Supernova, sparkly diamonds” is his most favorite jewellery among those he brought to Baselword 2016 exhibition.

–Why is it the most favorite?

Because it is finished

Once again, I peeked into "Wikipedia" and found that supernova is a phenomenon during which a star suddenly changes its brightness by 4-8 orders of magnitude (a dozen of star magnitudes).

Theodoros Supernova earrings with diamonds of 74 carats total

We dream ... we wish ... we imagine ... we believe ... we choose...we live our lives.

What Theodoros Savopoulos is silent about ...

– When was the last time you sang to yourself? To others?

– Today in the morning.

– Really? Why did you do it in the morning?

– I woke up, just switched on the music and I sang.

– If not jewellery, then?

– Flowers, I could be a florist.

– Imagine that tomorrow you can wake up having a new talent, a new skill, what should it be?

– To see people naked. (Laughing)

– Naked? Inside or no clothes? (I am laughing)

– No clothes.

– Why?

– Then there is no stress. Imagine, I am a schoolboy, and the teacher asks me to stand up – I say to her–“ I see you naked, mam”, and no stress….(Laughing)

– Please, continue the phrase: about love, I love…

– Intimacy. About love, I love intimacy and selflessness. These are not to be found everywhere.

– I hate….

– …Haters (Laughing)

– If you could choose the only one thing to know from your future what you would like to know?

– I do not want to know my future.

– Nothing at all?

– OK, a lottery number (Laughing)

– How many millions do you need? (I am laughing)

– Two hundred!

– Imagine that you have only 1-year time to live, what is the first thing you would change?

– The way I work. I would get into options: travelling or surfing.

– Do you have a dream?

– A dream?

– Yes…. a dear dream of yours…

– My dream is to fly, to be more realistic, just to be happy.

Ever since I was a little boy, I had this dream.
Flying alone high up in the sky, over the vast seas, over the vast stretches of land;
in total freedom, in complete awe, in absolute happiness.
Everything is so lucid, the wind in my hair, the mist of the ocean in my face.
Feelings are magnified.
A unique experience of perfection in its total magnificence.
It makes me wonder, what if I was awake and I am sleeping now?
What distinguishes reality?
I’m still not sure.

– What is your idea of happiness?

– It has a lot to do with comfort. You have to feel comfortable in your lifetime.

– What is your idea of unhappiness then?

– Responsibilities. That is why I am single. (Laughing)

– If you could have a choice to invite anybody in the world to have a dinner with you, who would it be?

– My family.

– But why? You can have a dinner with them every day.

– No, I cannot. We are separate. Some are in New York, some in Australia, Greece

– What is the advice you could give yourself at 18?

– Act as young.

– What do you like to do in free time?

– Diving.

– What do you value in women?

– I cannot say it is the simplicity of thinking. (Laughing) It is beauty.

– Still there are many women who are beautiful.

– I do appreciate many of the beautiful women. So, you mean what makes a woman special for me?

– Yes.

– It is nothing but chemistry…

– What do you value in men?

– Predictability of relationship

– What is the most precious in friendship?

– Duration.

– If you could meet anyone in the world who has ever lived, who would you like to meet? What would you ask him about? Or say to him?

– Albert Einstein.

– What would be your questions?

– It is him who put the cleverest questions I could not answer. Anyway, let him ask and I will try to answer.(Laughing)

– How do you feel now?

– I should say I have expectations.

– Do you want someone to buy everything?

– I want someone buy my jewellery in the same manner you were selecting them for shooting.

– I wish it to you! (I am laughing)

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Buy Theodoros jewellery here:

Kessaris (Athens), Panepistimoiou 7

Maxfield (Los Angeles), 8825 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90069

A’maree’s (USA), 2241 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach CA 92663




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