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When one of my creations comes to life, all I wish is that this small precious object should
touch the soul and the heart of a person wearing it".
Alessio Boschi 

Well before I met the fabulous Alessio Boschi at the Baselworld Show in 2015, I was fascinated by his famous Plume necklace and the rings from his new “Surprise Me” collection.  For a long time, I have wanted to see and write about his wonderful creations, so I was determined to visit Alessio at Baselworld.

It was wonderful to meet him. Alessio is open-hearted, friendly, outstandingly charismatic and passionate about his work; Alessio just went to my head!

My reaction to the work of Alessio at Baselworld was intense.  At first, I was simply unable to take my eyes off one of his absolute masterpieces – the “Homage to Renaissance” necklace.  What a treasure and work of art.  It took my breath away! Apart from its’ ingenious beauty, I felt the potent energy of this creation - and with good reason, as the work, enthusiasm and skills of twenty-five people have been invested in creating this incredible piece.


Alessio Boschi, “Homage to Renaissance”   

While Alessio Boschi made his initial foray into exhibiting at Baselword in 2015, he was already considered to be a Master in the world of High Jewellery creation and design. His professional history includes working as Creative Director of Autore (Australia) and being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records (2003) for his design for the world's largest sapphire - the Millennium Sapphire. Alessio Boschi also has a number of honorable awards including "The Best Jewellery Collection" (awarded in Basel, 2008), "The Couture Award" (awarded in Las Vegas, 2008 and 2010), "The Best Italian Jewellery Designer" (awarded in London, 2009) and "Best International Designer - Veranda Art of Design" (awarded in New York, 2010).  In 2013 he won “The Centurion Jewellery Design Awards” (Arizona), and in March 2015 he was awarded for the Best Design at International Jewellery Design Excellence (IJDE) with personal recognition in the awards from Wallace Chan (Hong Kong, 2015).

"The soul of a creation is a story behind it" - Alessio says.

Alessio Boschi Homage to Renaissance necklace sketch  

The birth of the “Homage to Renaissance” began two and a half years ago, at the Bangkok stone markets. In the small store of a Brazilian trader, Alessio saw three magnificent two-inch pieces of rubellite - all of an outstanding quality, without inclusions and with the amazing raspberry color which is extremely rare for this kind of stone.  He fell in love with them at first sight.

"I bought them and kept them over 2 years. And when I had the opportunity to take part in the Baselworld Show - a focal point of the jewellery world - I started looking for association what period in history resembles this event, when all of the great and magnificent are gathered in one place. The name of this period in history was Renaissance.” Alessio adds. With a philosophy of placing man at the center of the world, it was the fifteenth century when the powerful Medici family, patronized the arts to incubate the work of distinguished artists. The artistic output that resulted, saw Florence blossom as "the cradle of Renaissance". 


Brunelleschi's dome of Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.            Frans Pourbus Portrait of Maria de’ Medici as Regent of France aged 38 in 1611

Alessio understood where he should find inspiration and so, set off to Florence to see the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, “Il Duomo”. The cathedral is the most famous structure in Florence and is easily spotted from all over this venerable town.  Indeed, Il Duomo has become an icon of Florence, particularly for its renowned red dome engineered by Filippo Brunelleschi.  As we can see in “Homage to the Renaissance, this red dome features in the left rubellite leaf of the necklace, while the right depicts Maria de Medici.  The white ribs of the dome are worth special notice and are accurately depicted with a micro-mosaic technique. The work is extraordinary and in keeping with Alessio's commitment to true excellence and attention to the smallest details in order to most accurately capture the vision of the dome.  This certainly reflects the perfectionist reality of his personality, but of course, you need this to become a Master.

Alessio states "Since I was a child, the art has been my passion. I've always known that I'd do even the impossible to make my dreams come true and embody them in my creations. Making jewels for me means not the work itself - this is the best and the only way for me to express myself; to share my emotions and feelings through the creativity."

Alessio Boschi, “Homage to Renaissance”   

Both of the miniatures of Maria de Medici and Brunelleschi's dome have been carried out by the master-craftsmen of micro-mosaic technique from The Vatican.

Alessio says "I called Francesco in Rome and said: "Could you tell me the secrets of micro-mosaic. I'm creating the design and I should know all do’s & don’ts". The answer was: "Alessio, you should have minimum 3mm height for work. When we create micro-mosaic you can neither do rhodanizing nor any heat treatment, otherwise the micro-mosaic will be damaged". It took two months of handiwork to create it".

Alessio Boschi Homage to Renaissance necklace

The whole center-piece is mounted on 18 strings of Akoya pearl. These pearls are valued for their brilliance and rich color. Alessio ranges the color of pearls from rose, one of the finest colors, to white and in size, from 2.5 millimeters up to 6.45 millimeter.  The pearls are interspersed with rubellite beads. "I am fascinated by colour, in multiple shades or contrasting tones, because it reminds me of the versatility of life."Alessio Boschi says.

Earring miniatures depict the Donatello’s David and the lily, symbol of Florence. When I tried on the earrings Alessio checked me: "You wear the earrings wrong.” he told me.  "The left one is different from the right". And how correct he is.  Truly a great Master, creating masterpieces with a story behind every amazing detail.

Alessio Boschi, “Homage to Renaissance”  

As part of his creative process, Alessio oversees every step in the making of his jewellery. He calls it a daily challenging dialogue, conducted across different cultures and people, and galvanizing his curiosity.  It is this complicated and skillful process that gives birth to a piece of art.

 "My mission is the creation of unique objects which can harbor feelings and ignite emotions” Alessio states. When one of my creations comes to life, all I wish is this small precious object should touch the soul and the heart of a person wearing it".

My soul has already been with you for a long time Alessio. I would like to thank you for our talk which has lit more fire and passion in me for jewellery. The one thing is to believe that jewels are "alive", but to get real evidence of "making gems alive" is a miracle.

And finally, we would like to congratulate Alessio Boschi for his success at the recent Hong Kong Autumn Auction 2015 for Jewellery and Jadeite.  His pair of Jadeite Icy Lavender Cabochons with Diamonds and Diamond Pendent Earrings/Ring/Pendent Necklace, achieved placement at the top lot of the auction and was sold for $US3.33M.  A wonderful and fitting achievement!  Congratulations Alessio!


Alessio Boschi  - Pair of Jadeite Icy Lavender Cabochons with Diamonds and Diamond Pendent Earrings/Ring/Pendant Necklace



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