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Solnechnaia str., 5а
Odessa, Ukraine
+380 (96) 163 38 28

Every journey recreates us. Someone travels around countries, but you and I take a trip both through countries and people’s destinies, which are related to one of the most beautiful and marvelous businesses in the world – jewellery art.

How do people come to this enchanting craft? Everybody has his own way. But one thing unites them all – honesty and trust are the backbone of the jewellery world.

Today I’m introducing you Gemini jewellery studio, which is located on Solnechnaia Street in Ukrainian city Odessa. A charming woman Victoria, who loves beautiful things as many other ladies, stands behind this name. However, only a few of them are able to create “their own beauty”.

Victoria set up a jewellery studio in Odessa, which is a business of a European level, based on two fundamental premises – trust and transparency. I write down her number straight away, because you will certainly need it: +380 (96) 163 38 28.

She travelled half-way round the world and became a client of many jewellery brands. Being experienced and aware of beauty worth, Victoria came unexpectedly to creating such beauty in her favorite city. “I have been living in Germany for a long time, and I could continue living there or somewhere else in Europe. But you can’t even imagine how I love Odessa! I feel so good here!” she confesses.

– Victoria, how did you come to establishing your own studio?

– By chance, you know. In 2009 I was in India and bought a lot of precious and semiprecious stones there. They were so beautiful! The time was going by and I possessed some new custom-made jewels, but the number of gems wasn’t decreasing. Definitely, there were a lot of them! So, I decided to sell a couple of my stones, and they were bought quickly. That’s where my passion came. When I put up some more gems on sale, they were sold again. So, I began selling precious stones.

But before that, when I had just come back from India, I started looking for a jeweller in Odessa, who could create pieces for me. And, surprisingly, yet not immediately, I met a jewellery setter. He had skillful fingers and modern equipment. I have to mention that nowadays equipment is a very important element. Its availability influences the speed and precision of work. Afterwards one of my gem customers asked me to make earrings for her. And I decided to try. That’s how it started.

– What do you feel while creating jewellery?

– Gratitude to a customer. I’m so happy that 98% of my clients come back! I feel energized. Every single “thank you for the wedding ring” and pleasure in the eyes of people, who’ve just got their orders, make me happier and give birth to even more creative impulses.

For example, my customers often write me at night, when they have time to dream. They send their drawings to me, and I’m always in touch with them. We dream and create jewellery together. I enjoy communicating with people, even though I was so afraid of it before. Now I’m open for creativity and searching for some new opportunities for my development.

I have already purchased a room with an area of ??120 square meters for expanding. We have clients, and we need more masters. I’m planning to create a warm, beautiful and creative place – a workshop-studio with a family atmosphere. Since Gemini brand arose from a beautiful hobby (I always loved jewellery and wished to create them), now I adore gems not only for myself, but for my customers, too. We craft every piece so reverently, as if make it for ourselves. 

Today we have a team of wonderful jewellers, who are real masters, a registered name and branded packaging. Our trademark was registered only two years ago, but we have been making custom orders for more than five years.

– What inspires you and which challenges do you face?

– Success inspires me. Client’s feedback is my favorite final part of a deal. Glowing eyes of my team inspire me as well. I also feel inspired by beautiful antiques, porcelain, silver, flowers. Beauty is everywhere – we just need to see it.

Challenges?.. Well, your favorite job cannot be tough. Though, at this time we have a trouble with making our own designed gift box. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the person yet who could fulfill our idea.

– Would you like your jewels to be worn by…

– …as many people as possible? Of course. It’s business, after all, and business should develop and make profit.

– Is there something your brand have to say?

– I propagate quality and beauty for honest money. As to Ukrainian jewellery market, I should mention that I feel indignant at the quality of diamonds, their working and setting in big jewellery networks within our country. That’s rubbish! I want to bring jewellery craftsmanship to a totally new level.

– What are the average prices of your jewellery?

– We have earrings that cost 500$, and 5000$, as well as 50000$. We are able to find any diamond for any budget. We don’t just create jewels. First of all, we choose gems. Our clients could have different motivations, such as a present for mom, marriage proposal, a long-awaited purchase for oneself or as investment. I always choose the diamond, which perfectly suits any of that goals. We find the required gem in any part of the world, whether it’s the USA or India, Antwerp or the RSA, Israel or Hong Kong. And every time I make sure that I give the best price among anyone in this sphere in our region.

For example, 0.5 carat diamond ring with loose diamonds will cost around 3000$, with diamond of 0.7 carats – about 3500$.

The ring with diamond of 1 carat will cost around 5000-7000$.

The 2-2.5 carat diamond ring will cost about 15000-20000$, with diamond of 4-4.5 carats – approximately 50000$.

The ring with 5 carat fancy yellow diamond will cost you nearly 70000$.

– What touches you most in gems? What makes your heart beat faster?

– I remember clearly how I was in the UAE in 2009 and saw a huge oval diamond of such beauty that I was almost out of touch with reality. On a large display, covered with black velvet, there was a small window with a “modest” egg-size stone in it. I was fascinated by its glitter, being eager to gaze at it forever. It is said that people can look constantly at fire and water…but I can do the same with gems. It’s a mutual magic of nature and people’s gift. Besides, sometimes a well-cut kunzite, for example, can charm better, than a middling diamond, that is much more expensive.

– What are your most favourite colors?

– Now I like sky-blue…In summer it’s extra bright green…I don’t have the most favourite color, because color reflects the mood…And fashion industry influences, of course.

– Is there someone in jewellery industry, who you admire?

– Harry Winston and Graff Diamonds are the whales of a diamond ocean. I really like the works of de Grisogono and Palmiero – the gem setting is fantastic, resulting in complicated architectural and artistic masterpieces. Now I often see jewels of unknown brands, but they fascinate me, too. Moreover, I am crazy about Anna Hu’s gorgeous pieces.

– Which trends do you find interesting? Which are the worst?

– I like the fact that a lot of small jewellery manufactures are appearing now, each with its own style and approach. I hate mass production, it’s like a fast food. I think it undervalues precious metals and jewellery in general. I put all my efforts into the work so that my client gets not only qualitative result, but esthetic pleasure as well.

– Was there someone in your life, who changed it dramatically?

– There was, is and will be my son. Maybe, it sounds trivial, but I don’t draw on imagination for being witty. His appearance changed me, not radically, but significantly. So now everything in my life is being done for his future.

– What do you value in friendship most?

– Its presence. True friendship is so rare in our dull times.

– What made you feel the strongest gratitude?

– Every day I thank God for what I have.

– What do you like about love most of all?

– I won’t say something new…I like that love passion takes you all. It’s a euphoria and absolute optimism.

– What do you value mostly in a woman/man?

– I value sense of humour and intelligence in women, as well as inner calm, confidence and generosity in men. I believe that it’s not enough for a woman to be beautiful only. She must be an interesting companion, while a men should be generous and self-confident.

– If you could have a choice to invite anyone in the world to have dinner with you, who would it be? What would you ask or tell him/her?

– Freddie Mercury was the first to come to my mind. I adore his music.

– Imagine that tomorrow you wake up possessing a new quality, ability or talent. Which one will it be?

– I’d like to draw beautifully. I’m not really good at it, thus I’m obliged to do it at my job. Fortunately, I have a wonderful designer who catches on all my ideas and creates a working model from my sketches.

– Do you have a cherished dream? And why haven’t you fulfilled it yet?

– I’m in process. (laughing.) A cherished dream cannot be fulfilled at once. You should pave the way towards it…

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