The Golden Empress 132.55 carats of canary yellow Diamond A new possession of Laurence Graff

"It took Graff and nature one million years
 to create this necklace".
Laurence Graff

What do you feel when you hear of Graff Diamonds?!

Graff Diamonds are always a dream. For some fortunate women of the world, this dream has already come true and they have experienced the opportunity and joy to wear a Graff Diamonds.  For others, this dream is still to be realised in the future. We wish them every success in achieving such a wonderful dream!

The Graff Diamonds is an incredible and breath-taking collection of the rarest and most spectacular diamonds in the world.

Behind the legendary Graff Diamonds is Mr. Laurence Graff - a man who for 40 years has placed diamonds upon a pedestal and developed their status as one of the most desirable investments.

"All starts from a stone", states Graff.  Consistent with this statement, Graff Diamonds use only the very “best diamonds” in the world, combining these with a simplicity of setting and design that creates the hallmark sophistication and magnificent luxury of Graff.   

'The Golden Empress’ by Graff Diamonds - a 132.55 carat cushion-cut Fancy Intense yellow diamond

As a collector of unique diamonds from all over the world, Graff has recently added this magnificent The Golden Empress - a cushion-cut Fancy Intense yellow diamond that weighs 132.55 carats.  It’s exact price is unknown to all but a select few.  However, some estimate it’s value at around $20 million.

Currently, The Golden Empress features as the primary gem within a necklace of thirty-one (31) beautifully matched canary yellow diamonds.  It is important to note, the extraordinary achievement of sourcing such beautifully matched stones.  Each weighs around 2 carats, with a value of approximately $US200 000 per diamond.  In a process that may take several months, the accurate cutting of these diamonds reveals the potential for their use in such a necklace and their spectacular beauty. 

Yellow diamonds hold a special significance for Graff Jewellery and Graff is thought to control over 65% of world market for yellow diamonds.  For Mr Laurence Graff, he appreciates yellow diamonds in particular for their rarity and the naturally occurring diversity of the yellow: from light through to the vivid yellow of the sun.

As Graff notes "The potential to craft a diamond that could join its hall of noble, historic and world-famous stones, was a thrilling prospect."

'The Golden Empress’ by Graff Diamonds - a 132.55 carat cushion-cut Fancy Intense yellow diamond 

The Golden Empress itself was cut from a 299 carat stone found in the Let?eng mine located in the small African Kingdom of Lesotho.  Naturally, the process of professionally cutting such a gem is still a difficult and risky task.  Before this could be performed, thorough research was conducted to analyse the best options for revealing this phenomenal stone.  The successful cutting resulted in The Golden Empress (weighing 131.55 carats), 6 pear-cut yellow diamonds (the largest weighing 21.34 carats), and two round diamonds.  An exceptional series of nature’s creation.

'The Golden Empress’ by Graff Diamonds - a 132.55 carat cushion-cut Fancy Intense yellow diamond

Among the notable yellow diamonds owned by Graff, are the largest fancy emerald-cut diamond in the world , The Delaire Sunrise (118.08 carats) and The Graff Vivid Yellow diamond (100 carats), sold at Sotheby’s for $US16.3 million.  Indeed, it says to me that a spectacular Graff Diamond may be worth any figure you can mention, and yet it will never be too expensive.

"Diamonds are my life" - Laurence Graff says. And what's the life worth?..

Graff Diamonds
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