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The Universe has always been a mystery for humankind. How do artists come to this world, create and find inspiration? And, finally, how do they survive in such a severe reality?

“Art before to give wings to man, first it breaks his legs,” Charlie Chaplin wrote in the letter to his daughter Geraldine.

When telling you about jewellery, we talk a lot about beauty, fabulousness and luck. However, what stands behind all that? Something invisible, yet essential for our dreams to come true? Maybe, it is human’s inner force, strength of the spirit or self-belief, isn’t it?

How is it possible to create something that has never been done before, to make a fairytale come true, lead beauty to perfection and let luck become one of your best friends? Too many questions…

And the answer is Hedera Swiss watches and jewellery!

Hedera Swiss watches

As soon as I saw Hedera watches, I immediately felt drawn to. It was like a female respond to the master’s male energy. Definitely, these are uniquely different watches!

They mystically combine soft and sensitive, but strong female energy, which galvanizes and turns into unflagging flow of creativity.

Hedera’s energy evoked my interest, and I followed it recklessly.

The Koukjian family set up Hedera in Geneva. Today Cedric Koukjian, a son of a well-known contemporary and conceptual artist, sculptor, jeweler and watch designer Pierre Koukjian, stands behind Hedera’s creations. 

Cedric Koukjian

All Hedera watches are made of titanium.

Titanium is also known as an “timeless metal”. It is very solid, being stronger than aluminum, copper or even iron, therefore this metal is rather hard to work with. One of the most valuable qualities of titanium is its exceptional corrosive resistance. You’ll never find a single sign of rust on a titanium plate after it has remained in the seawater for ten years. After such a long period of time an iron plate would become a mere memory. Another distinctive feature of titanium lies in its non-magnetization – even the most powerful magnetic field won’t have any impact upon it.

Considering all the traits of its “character”, I mean, lightness, solidity and corrosive resistance, titanium is a perfect match for Hedera.

“Titanium is a very light metal so we can take artistic liberties when working with volumes and come up with bigger pieces that are very comfortable to wear,” adds Cedric Koukjian.

Titanium as a metal is only barely touched by the most noteworthy jewelers. Due to extreme hardness of this metal, as has been mentioned before, jewellery masters have to put a lot of efforts into their craft. “Taming titanium to let it bow to the will of our craft has been an exercise in patience and skills that we could only achieve through rigorous work in our workshop in Switzerland. Transforming the hardness of titanium in a soft piece of jewellery, a feat akin of what one could only refer to as an act of alchemy.” says Cedric Koukjian.

And then I thought: we live in a dual world, where everything is energy. Therefore, strong and solid titanium will empower a woman, meanwhile emphasizing her natural beauty with a noble, elegant and tempting design.

Titanium watch is something that distinguishes Hedera among the others. “Watches are difficult to make, Titanium is difficult to work with and, finally, something that someone else would consider beautiful is very difficult to achieve,” confesses Cedric Koukjian.

Hedera Swiss watches

And that’s absolutely true. Consider whether it’s easy to draw 300 sketches of design, whereas only the last drawing can become “the one”. Or not? What if they’ll have to create a few more? “The sky is the limit” can only come to mind to adventurous, ambitious and passionate people, who believe in themselves and strive for uniqueness and exclusiveness. Many of them become collectors of something that hasn’t ever existed before or pieces, which have already been proven for centuries.

Hedera Swiss watches are about the first.

 Every single piece in collection is of limited edition. That is the way they pay tribute to the craftsmanship and ensure exclusivity for those, who value uniqueness. The product is defined by its quality and rarity.

I guess, it’s high time to meet Hedera watches personally. So, see and get a feel for it …

Hedera Vitrail watcheswere born in collaboration with Vitromus?e Romont. “During a visit to the Swiss stained glass museum we met the curator and had a very good bond. Stained glass has always had its curiosity with the colors, the reflection lights, the geometric arrangements... We wanted to translate this ancient art into a piece of jewellery,” Cedric Koukjian shares with us.

Hedera Vitrail watch in titanium and gold set with diamonds sapphires and topazes

Just have a look at Hedera Full moon watch, which trigger unbelievable emotions. Moonstone is

believed to feed from the energy of the Moon. At the new moon it becomes colder and shines brighter, enforced with the “power of moon”. The Moon is a creature, endued with the female energy. So, when it’s full, we celebrate the time of feminine strength. When a woman feels the rhythm of the Moon, her life fills with femininity and harmony!

Moonstone radiates powerful energy of purple, gold and blue, emanating its mystery in a constantly fluctuating pearly veil.

Hedera Full moon titanium watch set with diamonds and moonstones
Hedera Full moon titanium watch set with diamonds and moonstones

Such innovative and distinctive Swiss watches are crafted for those clients, who appreciate state-of-the-art masterpieces. They stand out for unique design, outstanding quality, careful balance between traditions and modernity, a mix of solid personality and eternal values. Hedera family has been supporting these features by substantive technical and artistic researches for more than 30 years.

Hedera Oceana watch. The ocean, endless and powerful, became an inspiration for creating this piece.

Hedera Oceana watch in titanium and gold set with diamonds, blue sapphires and topazes

Hedera Cyclades watch, featuringa combination of functionality and beauty, is a gorgeous representative of diving watches. A time piece tribute to the multitude of islands spread about in the Aegean sea. It’s a nest of ancient history and culture carried through the ages, a small heaven, where an ever-changing world is harmoniously cohabiting with the heritage of gods. 

Titanium Hedera Cyclades watch set with diamonds

Hedera Capricieuse in titanium are available with opals, agates, turquoise and other gems.

Hedera Capricieuse watches in titanium set with diamonds
Hedera Capricieuse watch in titanium set with diamonds and opals

Considering that Hedera is a renowned trend-setter in the watch-making art, as well as a pioneer in working with exclusive metals, it couldn’t help but draw its attention to carbon as a base material for their jewellery.

– You use carbon in jewellery. Why did you decide so?

– I have been focusing mainly on Titanium and other exotic materials such as carbon, Bakelite... and combining them with precious materials like gold and diamonds. A lot of work goes into making the pieces.

Carbon, although completely different at the atomic level, in reality shares a lot with titanium by being very hard yet light.

It is a technical material that has many high tech applications. Aesthetically, however, it comes with a very particular texture, a curiously deep shade of black and has a pleasant luster, I decided to experiment with it. Titanium like Carbon reinforces the notion of inherent strength of the ivy plant and thus the reflection of inner strength of a woman.

The fact is that Hedera means Latin for “Ivy leaf”. The ivy plant is very strong and some variants stay green no matter what season it is. It will always grow and climb up any obstacle. The ivy plant fears no adversity. I see this notion of strength and evergreen to be a reflection of the contemporary women who I consider to be the warriors of our modern days.

Hedera Hadir rings carved in carbon set with diamonds and amethyst or South Sea pearl
Hedera Pomme d'amour earrings in black titanium with citrines (on the left) and amethysts carved stones (on the right)

– What do you feel while creating pieces? What is your most valuable part of the process? Which part is rather challenging?

When creating a piece, the first thing is to fit the Hedera look, to be a part of a coherent design family.

Frankly speaking, there are many feelings when you are creating a piece. I always get lost in so many details and have to step back and look again at the bigger picture of what I am trying to achieve with this particular watch. It is also very difficult to detach yourself emotionally from a piece when you have put so much of your heart in it.

The most difficult part of the whole process is the first step, the creation. You have a blank canvas and you need to create something that is feasible, that has not been made before and that other people can find beauty in it.

– Give some pieces of advice how not to be scared to show yourself and do something you really want to, instead of following so-called market demands.

This is a very important point to bring up. It is very easy to follow the stream and to emulate how the big brands present themselves and mimic their products. It might also make sense from a commercial point of view, “if you follow the market, surely you cannot go wrong” one could come to think.

But small creators must believe that what they are doing is an expression of themselves and that the pieces they come up with have to reflect that. Someone who wants to start creating something new must be exactly that, something new and different and should have enough confidence and individuality to believe in what they are doing is right, even when the whole world is screaming that they are wrong. With time and dedication the path becomes clearer and things start to make sense.

– You are an art lover. What art movements touch you most?

I don't have a favorite art movement although I do find the art deco era particularly intriguing. I believe there is art everywhere around us, whether it was created willingly by an artist or just “happened to have happened”. What particularly touches me is when someone has put attention to details not by necessity, but just because he believed that he should. This personal touch always gives a sense of individuality to the work that was done, no matter what field it is in.



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