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“And what's that sound over there?” Alice asked, nodding at the very secluded
thicket and some pretty vegetation on the edge of the garden.
“And it's wonders.” the Cheshire Cat said indifferently.
“And ... and what are they doing there?” asked the girl.
As expected, the cat yawned.
Alice in Wonderland,
Lewis Carroll

I first began my acquaintance with Elizabeth Lukashova, the founder of the MagicLi brand, in a virtual way, and then, like magic, a real-life fairy tale developed and grew.

Elizabeth seems able to work magic – as she made my devout wish, dearest for me at that time, come true.   Is it a miracle?  Yes. I like to think so.  I do believe an individual with his energy is at the back of any piece of jewellery. Thus, all you read further has been learnt at first hand.

MagicLi ring: sapphires, emeralds, diamonds

Since ancient times jewelry was designed not only to decorate, but each item people put on embodied a certain symbol, acted the part of a protective amulet, was filled with some magic power, infused special traits into its owner, secured from dangers.

Over the course of the centuries however, this meaning has gradually been lost, and now the protective properties of such jewellery have largely been replaced by a focus on beauty itself. And yet, as the thread of time unwinds, so the world of mysticism and magical nature seeks to rebalance itself, hand-in-hand with true beauty. 

From such a place, the enchanting brand and designs of MagicLi has sprung - founded in a belief in the wisdom of nature, the laws of perfect design and the ancient magical properties of precious stones and metals.

Elizabeth Lukashova, the owner of MagicLi Jewellery

“I have always wanted to make unordinary jewellery - not just refined artistic things, but something more than those. Every person is a child of nature, the whole microcosm, that is the one and only, individual, and wonderful like no other. The great many of my jewels are designed for women, and my goal is to highlight the femininity, beauty, and individuality of each representative of the fair sex. However, it is just a part of my concept. The super-task is to fill the human life with joy, happiness, love, and well-being to change it for the better!” describes Ms Elizabeth Lukashova, the owner and Creative Director of MagicLi Jewellery.  

Lukashova continues “That is why all my pieces of jewellery have high sacred value. Their shapes and outlines comprise some encrypted tokens that are symbolic of luck, finding and keeping love, prosperity.  My choice of materials – precious metals and stones – often seems unusual, but it is never random.  It depends not so much on fashion trends, as on the implication, program of each specific item. Gold and silver, ebony and gems possess their mighty inner energies and are able to do miracles.  Moreover, a properly selected combination of the materials can multiply the clandestine power of a jewel.”

MagicLi earrings and ring: sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, opals

Elizabeth started to design and brought her first jewelry pieces to life as early as 10 years ago.  But the real inspiration for her work developed only after her children were born. “I understood what true happiness was and experienced the appeal of spreading that happiness” says Elizabeth with feeling.

As you may have guessed, MagicLi is short for “Magic” and “Lisa” is short for “Elizabeth”.  But keep this a secret as Lisa herself believes that the greater the secrecy that surrounds her jewellery, then the more power the magic has!

MagicLi earrings: sapphires, emeralds, diamonds

Elizabeth’s first collection was created in 2013 after her second child was born and it was snapped up by buyers in just a week.  For many women, becoming a mother brings valuable vibrations with new energy and sense of all the wonderful possibilities in life.  And so it was with Elizabeth.  After the success of her first collection, Elizabeth decided to step up to the role and life of a jewellery designer and business owner – and so MagicLi was born.

The new MagicLi collection has been inspired by the classic novel “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury. “When reading that wonderful sunny book, you feel like sniffing the freshly cut grass scent, like gradually drinking the summer sealed up in a bottle. That book is really magic.  It fascinates from cover to cover” says Elizabeth.

MagicLi earrings: sapphires, emeralds, diamonds

“When creating my pieces of jewelry, I derive inspiration from the profusive variety of animate and inanimate nature; from all of its aspects, shapes, colors, and shades. I can say that nature is my muse; my plentiful source of ideas and images.  Trees and flowers, birds and insects, the starry sky and the mysterious dwellers of sea depths – all of them fascinate by their beauty and are capable of inspiring me on and on. I just try catching and imprinting their magic.” describes Elizabeth.

And much of Elizabeth’s inspiration also springs from her extensive travels around the world – from Iceland, Nepal, Bolivia and Australia to Ireland, Peru, Sri Lanka.  Elizabeth loves to learn about the national history and culture, customs, traditions, rituals, and the beliefs of the local people.  

Such travels are reflected in many of the MagicLi designs that synthesise cultures, traditions and materials.  “I like to work with rare, even unique minerals, to experiment with the combinations of precious materials. In my collections  you can see works that are created in accordance with both the most up-to-date jewelry trends and undying classical canons; my jewels may be bright, unordinary, intriguing, even extravagant, but they are never commonplace or banal.” stresses Elizabeth.

MagicLi earrings: emeralds, diamonds

“If you are looking for “some sounds at some very pretty secluded thicket vegetation on the edge of the garden”, MagicLi jewelry will become your personal amulet that will bring you exactly what you need at this stage of life.

MagicLi earrings and ring: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, ebony

MagicLi pendant: diamonds, opals

MagicLi pendant: sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and crystal opal. 

“Dolphin” ring and pendant by MagicLi: sapphires, white topazes and a crystal opal. Earrings by MagicLi: black diamonds and crystal opal.

“Dolphin” ring and pendant by MagicLi: sapphires, white topazes and a crystal opal. Earrings by MagicLi: black diamonds and crystal opal.

MagicLi earrings with diamonds, opal and garnet

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