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I first met Messika jewellery when I was at couture Week in Paris, where jewellery brands presented their Haute Joaillerie collections. It was the third day, we were already a bit weary with the beauty and the masterpieces, and I definitely did not expect to find something amazing. But how wrong I was!

Of course, I previously heard of Messika jewellery brand and I was aware of it, but, as it turned out, seeing a photo or a video was quite different from wearing and touching. For this very reason, when we create a video for Jewellery Masterpiece, I put on jewellery trying express to you the feelings I feel when I touch it!

Well, the first thing one has to do to feel the jewellery is just enter the boutique, as a special atmosphere reigns inside. The atmosphere of romance and flawless diamonds clear like water. The keyword is "flawless". I do not know how it happens, but you really feel only perfect diamonds are around you. There are only diamonds, no colored stones. As it turned out later, it was a kind of Valerie Messika’s family tribute to diamond - to retain it as a unique stone!

"My father once told me," Well, you can create your own brand, but, first of all, do not ever copy anyone, and, secondly, work with diamonds only, as this is where we are real experts. "I may, though not so often, add a few colored diamonds - pink, black, cognac, but other colored gemstones are out of the question!" - Valerie Messika said in her interview to "Kommersant" magazine. "Diamond is a heritage for me. My father propagated his passion for stones to my brothers and me. - Valerie said. - And the fact that my father has his own diamond lapidary workshops, gives me unlimited design possibilities."

Andre Messika, Valerie's father, has been in jewellery business since 1972. Today, he is a world-famous diamond dealer. Messika brand was set up by Valerie Messika in 2005 in Paris, their flagship store is located in the capital of France at 259 Rue Saint Honor?, 75001. However, Paris is not the only place where you may come across Messika jewellery. As of today, Messika Messika has 250 stores in 50 countries around the world. Messika plans to open another 5 stores in 2016.

We are entering the boutique, looking around, and the first thing we see are the so-called "diamonds for every day": rings, bracelets and pendants, stylish, modern, bold and delicate at the same time. The important thing is they are unlike the rest of the fashion jewellery. In the world where ideas are in the wind, it is difficult to be unique, especially when it concerns jewellery "to match the jeans." Messika can keep it!

Diamond ring and bracelet by Messika
Diamond ring and bracelet by Messika

What comes next is the most magic - unique Haute Joaillerie pieces. Here is my paradise! .. 

Diamond ring by Messika from Haute Joaillerie collection
Diamond ring by Messika from Haute Joaillerie collection

I will just describe the feelings I experienced when I put on the gorgeous necklace, and you try to enter the spirit.

It is weightless, flowing, so gentle and soft; it has a convenient fit and makes you comfortable as if it has always been yours; it is not close to the base of the neck unlike a choker, it elegantly emphasizes all the beauty and covers up the things women want to hide (well, you understand, wrinkles appear with the increase of years). "Comfortable" is no word for it!

I am turning my face to the mirror - oh, my God, how it is shining! Let's be honest - the shining brilliance is as important for diamonds as love is important for sex. This is what makes them alive!

Diamond necklace by Messika from Haute Joaillerie collection

Now, looking at my reflection, I see I am very beautiful, and I feel like ... no, not a queen ... I feel I am dearly beloved! Perhaps, everyone involved in the creation of this necklace, was in love?! I would not know, but it is the reverential feeling I experienced when I put on Messika jewellery!

Tatyana Pfaifer, the founder of Jewellery Masterpiece, wearing jewellery by Messika from Haute Joaillerie collection


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