Saint Valentine’s day brings presents, lyrics and a bit of philosophy

Saint Valentine’s day is coming so…!

Love is a luxury, so it doesn’t come to everyone. Every person can have it, but not all go in for this feat. So, if you are lucky to put such a heroic act as “falling in love” into your list, let this feeling manifest itself: say sweet words, take care, hug and give presents to your dearest. By the way, I reckon that there is no one-way love, because love is energy. Besides, if I love you, you feel my love….Surely, these words aren’t for the faint-hearted.

So now, let’s turn to the gifts and lyrics.

Nowadays it is getting much harder to surprise anyone, but we have some presents here, which are capable of amazing even the most sophisticated hearts and touch all the delicate and tender stings of your soul!

Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery _KISS __ ME _QUICK ring 

Maria Kovadi, a kind, openhearted and creative lady, is the founder of Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery brand. Being a wonderful wife and mother of three kids, she has her own view of happiness and love, transferring this energy into her pieces. Declare your feelings through her remarkable jewellery from Tell me collection. 

Love is in the air, you just have to catch it!

 Ballerina ring by Sybarite in white and yellow gold with diamonds

Ballerina ring by Sybarite in white and yellow gold with diamonds

Have you ever thought of why we always recognize Shakespeare pieces among thousands of poems, Mozart among hundreds of enchanting melodies, and find faultlessly works of Rafael or Dali among millions of wonderful paintings? It happens because timeless art exists! Ballerina ring by Sybarite was made for those who have already gone beyond exclusiveness and got off the ground.

Margarita Prikhodko, the founder of Sybarite brand, an artist of genuine bizarre pieces, says about love the following: “Everyone needs attention, whether it’s a woman, a child or a man. As both love and friendship begin with attention.”

She draws her attention to people by making jewellery, which primarily bear positive messages. For example, if talking about new Flower Waltz collection, you can see letters on each petal that form the ballerina’s skirt, and those letters are composed in an inspirational word. For example, 5 petals spell out the word h-a-p-p-y. The number of petals may suggest the ciphered words to you! In this collection, those special messages are Love, Happy, Lucky or Graceful. Of course, nobody will ever see the inscription unless the ring is dismantled, but the message is conveyed almost at the level of genetic code.

Under the left petal of the flower, using the reflection of a mirror, you can see a ladybird set with black diamonds to attract luck. Every jewellery piece has a pin that looks like a stem with a coin. This idea is borrowed from Chinese coins and the Chinese custom that if you find your plan for the day to become unstuck, then, by turning the coin about, you can bring your luck back and improve the day. “Coins are also technically convenient for writing initials on them. However, such orders are not so frequent, so we write “With love” on the coin,” Margarita shared with us.

Hedera Full moon titanium watch set with diamonds and moonstones

Hedera Full moon titanium watch set with diamonds and moonstones
Hedera watches, set with moonstones and diamonds, evoke mystery and secrecy, which men find so attractive in females!

“As soon as I saw Hedera watches, I immediately felt drawn to. It was like a female response to the master’s male energy. Definitely, these are uniquely different watches! They mystically combine soft and sensitive, but strong female energy, which galvanizes and turns into unflagging flow of creativity,” I’ve recently written about Hedera watches in my article HEDERA Gen?ve: Sculptural jewels and timepieces!

Every single piece in collection is of limited edition. Such innovative and distinctive Swiss watches are crafted for those clients, who appreciate state-of-the-art masterpieces. They stand out for unique design, outstanding quality, careful balance between traditions and modernity, a mix of solid personality and eternal values.

Hedera Full moon titanium watch set with diamonds and moonstones

 BALEANI Alta Gioielleria ring with sapphires and diamonds

Desire to translate love for the eternal, combine classics with modern tendencies in transformer jewellery, led to creation of amazing BALEANI ring from the unique Bocca di squalo collection. “….My creations are timeless and always actual, designed for modern women with strong personality,” says Polly Baleani

Stenzhorn Papillon brooch from Illusion collection

“Our jewellery are for passionate and adventurous women. For all those women who feel independent and are aware of their real beauty. We like to call them Goddesses,” said Klaus Stenzhorn, the founder of Stenzhorn jewellery brand.

Stenzhorn creations are made for a female, who wants to forget about all her gains and achievements, and remember she is just a woman…

When women feel cherished, secured and beloved, they hover like a butterfly!

Have a look at this marvelous color-changing butterfly from the new collection by Stenzhorn.These jewellery change color depending on a visual angle, which is a sort of optical illusion.

“During one of my travels, I saw a butterfly. A huge one ...You can never see the like in Europe. It was flapping its wings, and their color was changing in the sun. "I want to catch the color”, I thought. It is like in a kaleidoscope: you can see many colors and they are changing all the time. How can all the colors be rendered in one jewellery? I wanted to keep this moment,” Klaus Stenzhorn told us.

Kamyen Jewellery earrings and a necklace set with emeralds and diamonds

“…For me, emerald is the exemplification of mystery, charm and beauty in the realm of stones. It is a royal stone, a symbol of kingliness and power ... In whatever language you pronounce the name, it sounds like music…. Esmeralda in Spanish, ?meraude in French, smaragd in German, Zummarud in Arabic – all are variations on the same fascinating subject,” Ronald Ringsrud writes in his book “Emeralds, A Passionate Guide”.

Tatyana Pfaifer wearing Kamyen Jewellery emerald and diamond earrings, necklace and ring

V.A.K Fine Jewels rings – present her with precious flowers!

A diamond, as the sunlight, plays with all colors, but remains transparent like a drop of water.

Let the V.A.K Fine Jewels ring revive your feelings!

Where there is love, there is life!

V.A.K Fine Jewels ring with diamonds and center diamond of 8,80 carats

A flawless 7.05 carat Golconda diamond ring by Theodoros

“Happiness should be quiet.” This ring is about love that you don’t want to share with others. It’s a mystery of clear and sincere feelings, such as, for example, our first love.

Alessio Boschi Mermaid ring

Alessio Boschi Mermaid ring in white and rose gold, with white diamonds of 0.31carats, tsavorties of 0.02 carats, Paraiba tourmalines of 0.67 carats, aquamarines of 9.55 carats, baby Akoya silver blue

A genuine Italian crackpot, a creator of beauty and great pieces, an artist and a "sculptor" of incredible jewellery Alessio Boschi, reveals the indestructible love – strong, timeless and never dying! “My mission is the creation of unique objects, which can harbor feelings and ignite emotions. When one of my creations comes to life, all I wish is this small precious object should touch the soul and the heart of a person wearing it,” states Alessio Boschi. And his creations really touch and get us addicted to beauty, awakening some new feelings and emotions. Mermaid ring is a combination of white and rose gold, diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines, aquamarines...A queen seems to have worn it, as it associates with something kingly, powerful and splendid. Maybe, with love?!

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