Singing brush and dancing soul – High Jewellery collections by Stenzhorn

The art of jewellery is my way to unveil the secrecy
behind the beauty of nature  

Klaus Stenzhorn

 It is not enough just to create jewellery. There should be something deep and meaningful behind it. It is the way to establish a better relationship between jewellery and a woman. Jewellery is something very personal, and it is with you for long, there should be a connection. Jewellery should tell you something,” – explained Klaus Stenzhorn, while I was staring passionately at the chrysanthemum from The Noble Ones High Jewellery collection by Stenzhorn. It looked like real, but shined brighter.

With my own eyes I saw it for the first time, as well as many other jewels, and felt so happy that the reality exceeded everything I had seen or read before.

Nothing can replace real-time feelings: neither article, nor photo. In this sense, I ask you to mistrust even me. Just come to the nearest boutique or visit an exhibition, and touch the jewellery with your own hands, letting yourself feel their energy.

To my mind, The Noble Ones High Jewellery collection by Stenzhorn, as well as their latest collection called Snow White and Rose Red, which was presented at Baselworld 2017, reveals the spirit of Stenzhorn brand in the best possible way. Firstly, in both collections the main elements are made with invisible setting, which is considered to be the DNA of the brand, and secondly, each of them tells its own story. As Klaus Stenzhorn once said, “every piece has a story behind it.”

Well, let’s talk now about the influence of a “Chinese soul” on a jewellery artistry….

The Noble Ones High Jewellery collection by Stenzhorn was inspired by ancient Chinese symbols – The Four Gentlemen (???), or The Four Noble Ones. In Chinese culture these are four “noble plants”: the orchid, the bamboo, the chrysanthemum and the winter plum. Each of them reveals different human virtues, creating as a whole four traits of “a noble man” (Junzi) – an ideal state, that we all should strive for.

In The Noble Ones collection Stenzhorn designers conveyed the chrysanthemum, the orchid and the plum as the main flowers of the necklaces, while the bamboo took a role of their backbone.

The orchid (??) is a flower, which people compared with the eyes of a gorgeous woman and her inner beauty. The orchid symbolizes the early spring, awakening of nature, tenderness and modesty. It unveils generosity, finesse and sensitiveness of a human – the traits that were poetically compared with tender leaves of the orchid, shivering from the smallest breath of wind.

So, graceful and sophisticated orchid flowers have transformed into Stenzhorn necklace with rubies and diamonds, reflecting lightness and spiritual rhythm of the spring. 

Stenzhorn Orchid necklace from The Noble Ones High Jewellery collection with rubies and diamonds

The chrysanthemum (??) is an autumn flower. Unlike flexible and charming spring flowers, the chrysanthemum symbolizes mature beauty and poetical solitude (“a hermit, exhaling late scent”), remaining “proud in frost” – bloomy and fearless of freeze. People call it as a glorious reflection of autumn’s triumph. Chinese artists loved comparing themselves with the chrysanthemum. Formerly, its image was a symbol of nobility, happiness and longevity. People celebrated the chrysanthemum with gorgeous feast and devoted a good many of poetic lines, myths and legends to it. Owing to high energy of yang, the chrysanthemum incarnates success in all endeavors.

Now, take a look at Stenzhorn Chrysanthemum necklace from The Noble Ones collection. It is extraordinary, with pronounced character, made by means of unique Invisible setting technique. This technique enables to arrange several stones the way they would look as a continuous “precious canvas” – the stones are set tightly against each other, so that you cannot see any metal between them. One of the most difficult aspects is to precisely recut every single stone, after a meticulous color selection, in order to achieve a glorious illusion of a whole piece.

Stenzhorn Plum Blossom necklace from the same collection is also a prominent demonstration of exceptional meticulous work of jewelers, rare gemstones and unique design.

The plum (??) is a symbol of winter. It symbolizes noble purity, resistance to miseries and inflexibility, as “juices are preserved in plum trees even during severe frost”, while flowers are blossoming before the snow melts. Poets were often addressing to the plum symbol to express the idea of stamina and independence. 

Stenzhorn Plum Blossom necklace from The Noble Ones High Jewellery collection with rubies and diamonds

And, finally, the bamboo (??) possesses such traits as flexibility and strength. It also symbolizes rigidity of character and high moral features.

Now let’s recall the fairytale of Brothers Grimm, which tells us about two sisters – Snow-white and Rose-red. This is the very fairy story that stands behind the new and gorgeous Snow White and Rose Red High Jewellery collection by Stenzhorn.

Anna Strarosti, the Stenzhorn designer, explained us that they created two necklaces, unveiling the mood and the character of both girls.

Snow-white is a modest and tender girl that is beautiful in her generosity and sophistication. Klaus Stenzhorn represented her in a form of a white rose with a closed bud. Whereas Red-rose is bright, easy-going and cheerful girl, who enjoys spending time with friends and having fun. She is a bloomed red rose, rendered by rubies with invisible setting.

“We create extraordinary jewellery with strong character and unique techniques. The best quality, special attention to details, and innovative design – this is something that will always represent us,” – explains Klaus Stenzhorn.

“There was once a poor widow who lived in a lonely cottage. In front of the cottage was a garden wherein stood two rose-trees, one of which bore white and the other red roses. She had two children who were like the two rose-trees, and one was called Snow-white, and the other Rose-red

One evening, as they were thus sitting comfortably together, someone knocked at the door as if he wished to be let in.… Rose-red went and pushed back the bolt, thinking that it was a poor man, but it was not; it was a bear that stretched his broad, black head within the door.

…The girls had run away, but the bear called to them, “Snow-white and Rose-red, do not be afraid; wait, I will come with you.” Then they knew his voice and waited, and when he came up to them suddenly his bearskin fell off, and he stood there, a handsome man, clothed all in gold. “I am a King's son,” he said, “and I was bewitched by that wicked dwarf, who had stolen my treasures; I have had to run about the forest as a savage bear until I was freed by his death. Now he has got his well-deserved punishment.”

Snow-white was married to him, and Rose-red to his brother, and they divided between them the great treasure, which the dwarf had gathered together in his cave. The old mother lived peacefully and happily with her children for many years. She took the two rose-trees with her, and they stood before her window, and every year bore the most beautiful roses, white and red.” (from Brothers Grimm’s fairytale “Snow-white and Rose-red”)

Stenzhorn Snow White and Rose Red High Jewellery collection
Stenzhorn Snow White and Rose Red High Jewellery collection
Stenzhorn Snow White and Rose Red High Jewellery collection
Stenzhorn Snow White and Rose Red High Jewellery collection 
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