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Jewellery MasterpieceTatyana Pfaifer


When love meets beauty, a masterpiece is born.
When love meets knowledge, a collector comes into the world 

Jewellery Masterpiece, edited by Tatyana Pfaifer is an online live magazine that celebrates jewellery as art. Sincere and open - hearted interviews, photography and video footage of unique jewellery, exhibition reviews, short story-films and even more are there for you on our website and social networks with an audience of more than 200 000 people.

With a fascination and passion for the design and beauty of fine high-end jewellery we seek out the world's most brilliant jewellery and introduce them to you. Our team visits Paris, London, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Doha, Switzerland, Austria and Germany for you to have a freedom in choosing unique & rare jewellery creations.

You are a connoisseur of beauty, having your particular taste and opinion on what you see; you are an esthete, who loves his life and lives it enthusiastically and passionately, therefore desiring to have everything special and something of your "own”; something that speaks to you personally and connects emotionally.

For those purpose we try to convey the spirit of each jewellery creation – to reveal its energy, life force and beauty as well as to tell you who created it and what for.

We assist connoisseurs in meeting jewellery masterpieces. We provide services on searching and selling exclusive jewellery pieces.

 “Nowadays everyone knows Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Michelangelo, Gustav Klimt and others; we find inspiration in their works and we collect art.  I wish we were just as much inspired by the art of fine rare jewellery and gems. I wish there were more of us- people who are impassioned by Fine Jewellery and collect them!” Tatyana Pfaifer, the founder of Jewellery Masterpiece, comments on the idea of creating this online magazine. 


There is no dream without love!

I am deeply in love with jewellery. I see the people behind these creations. I feel the energy they transfer. I touch stones and feel happy. Then I have something to share with the world and you - it is the energy.

Just as no two stones are the same in nature, you will never find two jewellery pieces that are the same! There is a story behind each jewellery creation. Each one is unique, just as each friendship and love are unique!

I dedicate a part of my life to energy and feelings; investigating them.Another part of my life is dedicated to beauty. That is why, when people ask me about my interests, I answer it is people and jewellery.

All those who create jewellery, are amazing people.It’s as if they are from a different planet. In some way, they are children. They believe in magic and are gifted by God to create. Along with nature, they create masterpieces. Art is what makes our life eternal and alive! Art stays after us and humanity remains within artistic creations. They present a moment to be remembered throughout life and the infinity of life itself.

Today everyone knows Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Michelangelo, Gustav Klimt and others.We are inspired by their works and we collect art. I wish we were just as much inspired by the art of fine rare jewellery and gems, by people who love them and whose life is hinged on them.

I want you to meet jewellery, which are at opposite ends the world, to have more of a choice what to love and what not to love; I want to show you that the world is large and extremely diverse.

In most cases, the jewellery business is a family business - a story of generations and heritage. It involves traditions and brings a different appreciation for life. I love learning about the background of the jewelers themselves – the when and why of how they came into creative work.

I want to convey my message and belief that it is never late to pursue your dream, no matter how old you are; whether it’s eighteen or fifty. The most frightening thing in one’s life is not to unlock his or her potential - the potential given by God.

I aim to illustrate many wonderful things through jewellery and my articles, as I wish there were more of us- people who met their dream and are impassioned by jewellery

About Gratitude

People say, when something is yours, everything goes on successfully and easily. That is true, I meet an incredible number of friendly people on my jewellery way. To begin with, I would like to thank all my Instagram friends, all those whom I have contacted personally and whom I talk to through jewellery. It looked like a miracle, how fast the growth of my Instagram was. And all of you, my Instagram and Facebook friends are a miracle as well.

I am thankful to genius of the jewelers who I meet and work with. My meetings with you and your creations make a part of my life. They bring meaning to it!

I give a part of my heart to every one of you in my Instagram and my articles! You know where you can read about my love.

What is gratitude? I do not know the exact answer…I only know that whenever I recall the assistance and warm attitude to me of certain people, I feel like crying with touching emotions related to my meeting them on my way. I remember all of the good that I have shared with friends near and far, old and new.

My meeting Vyacheslav Gusev was fateful.

He said: “There are two ways of self-expression - authentic and strategic. The authentic way means showing what you really are. The strategic way means pretending you are someone else for personal gain. Anyone on the strategic way, eventually finds out that all the benefits he receives are actually acquired not by him, but by his image, a ghost he created himself. This is the way challenge arises. It happens when deviations from your own destiny to the direction of fate are formed into the gift of God, into the energy gift of the universe, into an amazing opportunity to fly up to the height to which your soul has been leading you slowly and gradually.”

So, I started to look for my real self and my sincere desires and dreams ...

I met Carolyn Unwin, as many of my other friends, through Instagram. No matter which continent you live on, it is important what you feel; we felt warmth and community of interests. I kiss you and I wish millions of people wore your hats and were happy!