Alessio Boschi ring Fontana del Moro with the two tritons

Alessio Boschi ring Fontana del Moro with the two tritons: 18KT white and rose gold, white diamonds, tsavorites, and aquamarine of 55.53carat

Alessio Boschi is a Master in the world of High Jewellery creation and design.
His professional history includes working as Creative Director of Autore (Australia) and being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records (2003) for his design for the world's largest sapphire - the Millennium Sapphire. Alessio Boschi also has a number of honorable awards including "The Best Jewellery Collection" (awarded in Basel, 2008), "The Couture Award" (awarded in Las Vegas, 2008 and 2010), "The Best Italian Jewellery Designer" (awarded in London, 2009) and "Best International Designer - Veranda Art of Design" (awarded in New York, 2010). In 2013 he won “The Centurion Jewellery Design Awards” (Arizona), and in March 2015 he was awarded for the Best Design at International Jewellery Design Excellence (IJDE) with personal recognition in the awards from Wallace Chan (Hong Kong, 2015).

At the Hong Kong Autumn Auction 2015 for Jewellery and Jadeite. his pair of Jadeite Icy Lavender Cabochons with Diamonds and Diamond Pendent Earrings/Ring/Pendent Necklace, achieved placement at the top lot of the auction and was sold for $US3.33M.  

"My mission is the creation of unique objects which can harbor feelings and ignite emotions” Alessio states. When one of my creations comes to life, all I wish is this small precious object should touch the soul and the heart of a person wearing it".

“My soul has already been with you for a long time Alessio. I would like to thank you for our talk which has lit more fire and passion in me for jewellery. The one thing is to believe that jewels are "alive", but to get real evidence of "making gems alive" is a miracle” – Tatyana Pfaifer, the founder of online magazine Jewellery Masterpice, writes in her article “Alessio Boschi - genius of our time”.